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Shipping hazardous materials (hazmat) can feel like -- and be -- a complicated and confusing process.  Furthermore, many states also regulate the sale and import of alcohol, beverage or otherwise.  The shipment of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) like Culinary Solvent is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), which means certain restrictions and regulations can impact how and where you are able to ship it. 

Because of the extra steps that can impact your order from, we have built a state-specific database to make shipping simple, no matter where you live.

Restrictions, regulations, and permit requirements for shipping ethanol vary by state.  The map below is intended to assist you in understanding the restrictions or regulations your state might have before placing your order on Simply scroll to your state below to learn more about shipping ethanol to your address, residential or otherwise.  For all states that allow the import and sale of ethanol, we have included blank PDFs of all forms or permits if required, making your steps for obtaining a permit (if required by your state) as simple as a few clicks away. 

Note that this page is intended to provide you with state-specific information on shipping, such as permits and regulations.  For all other more general shipping questions not covered by this page -- such as processing time, how to request a signature at delivery, and shipping fees explained -- see our FAQ page

How to Read the Shipping Map 

Green: no permits required or restrictions on the shipping ethanol. You are ready to place your order; no further steps required!

Yellow: a permit is required before purchase.  Use the resources below our shipping map for more details, including a comprehensive walk through and PDF download of any forms or permits required.

Orange: a permit and five-gallon minimum required for purchase.  Use the resources below our shipping map for more details, including a comprehensive walk through and PDF download of any forms or permits required.  Note: you cannot order single pints, quarts, or gallons due to the five-gallon minimum requirement. 

Grey: importation of food grade alcohol/ethanol is prohibited.  Unfortunately, you cannot order from at this time.  Check back often as regulations do actually change!

 Food Grade Ethanol Permit and Shipping Rules Map - Culinary Solvent

Food Grade Ethanol Permit Requirements by State

The resources found on this page is only intended to be a beginner's guide to the rules and laws active in each individual state.  Additional local (county, city, borough, township, etc.) regulations or restrictions that are not covered here may apply to your destination address, inhibiting or infringing on your ability to have Culinary Solvent shipped to you.  We strongly advise all our customers to research the regulations of their local area to the fullest extent possible before ordering.  While we will do our best to post updates as soon as we are aware of them, this page should not be considered your first or only resource if you are uncertain about your state's or locality's regulations on shipping food grade ethanol. 

Also, not all states use the same words to describe non-beverage ethanol products like Culinary Solvent.  Some local regulations might use the following terms to refer to food grade ethanol interchangeably:

  • nonvolatile solvent
  • industrial alcohol
  • non-denatured/nondenatured/undenatured ethyl alcohol
  • alcohol used for manufacturing

Be aware that you may need to learn the preferred terminology of your locality while researching regulations for shipping/receiving ethanol in order to find the correct information. 

If you see any incorrect or out-of-date information on this page, please feel free to contact us to help us make this the most effective resource possible! 

Shipping Availability by State

Green - Good to Go!

Permit Required: See More Details

Permit and Five-Gallon Minimum Required: See More Details 

Not Available to Ship: Check Back Later 

International Destinations

At this time, we do not offer shipping to areas outside of the lower 48 United States.  We do not ship to Canada, Mexico, or other international destinations at this time.