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"One Product Does it All!" Culinary Solvent is pure ethyl alcohol (food grade ethanol) useful for a variety of applications across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. After answering a number of questions from folks seeking assurance that the ethanol they were using to make hand-sanitizer, is also perfect for herbal tincture recipes, we've created separate listings for Perfumers, Herbalists, Chefs, and Hobbyists as a means of confirming that our one-product is truly fit for all. For a more detailed explanation, please visit our blog post on the topic.

Yes, we offer the option at checkout for customers to pickup their order at checkout. Please see our blog post on pickup appointments for more information.

Yes, as the actual supplier that makes the alcohol, we are able to offer large volumes at significan discount. Visit our Bulk Products Collection to browse products and options.

There is no difference between the product listed under the "food grade ethanol" collection from the products listed in the "Perfumers Alcohol" collection. Both products are 200 proof ethyl alcohol, and are identical in every way, shape, and form, including the bottle, label, contents, and price.