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Who Makes Culinary Solvent

The people who make Culinary Solvent - Meet Scott and Jessica

That's us serving vodka cocktail samples in 2009 to guests at Harvest on the Harbor in Portland Maine.

Meet Scott and Jessica, owners & founders.

It all began with a college business plan to turn Maine potatoes into super-premium vodka.  We (Scott Galbiati and Jessica Jewell) met while pursuing degrees in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate NY.  In 2006 we moved back to Maine and got married at the family camp on Grand Lake in Aroostook, County. 

That original business plan, first draft completed December 2004 and revised through 2009, guided us in building the Northern Maine Distilling Company from the ground up.  Our distillery's first location was an abandoned airport hanger in Houlton, Maine, then in 2013 we moved the operation to the current location in Brewer, Maine.  While intently focused on creating pristine neutral food grade ethanol, we are still able to offer a diverse line up of beverage and non-beverage products.

How do we distill Culinary Solvent?

  • We distill using an array of pot stills.  Pot stills operate inherently off of a batch, which provides control to the distiller when deciding what part of the distillate to collect or leave out.
  • Every distillation consists of 3 primary parts: the heads, the hearts, and the tails.  The heads and the tails of the distillation run are always isolated and discarded. It is up to the master distiller to decide when to stop collecting heads and start collecting hearts. The same goes for tails.  At this point, the distiller is in total control over the final quality output of the distillation run. 
  • The master distiller's decision on when to make a "cut" is aided by the small batch of the still.  By breaking up a large distillation run's volume into many smaller stills, the master distiller can better isolate the hearts of the run and thereby discard the heads and tails where impurities remain.
  • This distillation system is the same one used to make our award winning vodka, then translated that expertise to the food grade ethanol industry.

Beware of just bottlers out there

  • We are not "another chemical distributor".   The Northern Maine Distilling Company is an actual operating fully licensed federal distilled spirits plant, and we only operate in and sell pure nondenatured ethanol. It's like our specialty and we are really, really good at it. 
  • Look closely at your existing supplier of nondenatured ethanol, there are very likely not the distillery that made the product. This means they have marked up the item and they have no control over the quality of the contents. Think about that one!  
  • Middle men big warehouse chemical and solvent distributors cannot guarantee the quality of the product inside the jug like we do. 
  • Big-distributor economies of scale make a true quality guarantee and pledge to exceptional customer service, impossible.
  • When it comes to ethanol, smaller is better.  Let us prove it to you.  We guarantee you will be satisfied.

We are the guarantors of quality.  ​

 Organic Food Grade Ethanol Culinary Solvent

We are the actual distillers of the ethanol you are purchasing.  We're not another chemical distributor big warehouse, and your food grade ethanol means way more to us than some SKU on a dusty pallet. 

If you have special requests, needs, or inquiries, we are the source for assistance and solutions.   Your exceptional experience is important to us, from order to product receipt, and we (Scott and Jessica) stand by to guarantee your satisfaction.  Contact Scott and Jess here directly.   

A team of knowledgeable people if you need to ask for help.

Our commitment to being the best in the food grade ethanol category is extended to all aspects of the purchase product through delivery.  There are many moving parts involved with your ethanol delivery and sometimes you just need to speak to a human who can assist. 

When you contact us, you are speaking with the team who works at the distillery. When will my item ship? When will my item be delivered?  License and permit question? Can we ship to your State? Can we ship internationally? Can you bundle orders to save shipping? Can I get my excise tax back? What is excise tax drawback? Any of these questions and more we are ready and willing to assist with directly.  Also, visit our FAQ.


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