The product is great for making tinctures. Highly recommend for cannabis extraction.

Mark M.

Richmond, VA


I love using this ethanol in my herbal projects because it’s organic and I can dilute it however I need for the product I’m making. It’s super convenient to simply order online and have it shipped to my door.

Kristen S.

Fort Worth, TX


Excellent service, excellent product. Best of all: excellent results with the product. Could not ask for more.

Scott M.

Trenton, NJ


This is an excellent product, great packaging. I will be a return customer!

Carl W.

Agusta, ME


I use this alcohol to make herbal tinctures; in the past I’ve used different brands from different companies. This product...is far superior!

Fredericka C.

Seattle, WA

Organic Alcohol FAQs

Yes. Organic alcohol labeled as food grade and non-denatured is suitable for making herbal tinctures.

Yes. organic alcohol bottled at 200 proof is excellent for perfumery recipes and projects.

Yes. You can substitute 200 proof organic grain alcohol 1-for-1 in any recipe or project that calls for denatured alcohol.

Yes. Both terms "undenatured" and "nondenatured" mean zero additives and are used interchangeably to represent pure alcohol products. Culinary Solvent 200 proof food grade alcohol contains zero additives and is considered a non denatured alcohol product.