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Welcome to our Blog Directory.  We maintain 2 primary blogs on our site, divided by topic.  Search our site using the nav bar at the top to search all pages and blog posts across all blogs.  If you can't find an answer to your question, contact us here so we can assist.  
  • Shipping Ethanol Rules and Permits Blog - A collection of posts related to individual state rules and regulations related to the purchase and shipment of food grade ethanol.  If some states require a permit, we'll walk you through each step with pictures and text annotations for quick and easy submission.  Search for your state's name to view a complete breakdown of any rules, exceptions, permits, fees, or other steps before making your purchase.
  • All About Food Grade Ethanol Blog - A collection of posts related to food grade ethanol ordering, chemical properties, suggested recipes, and other information with a focus on all things ethyl alcohol.
  • Sustainable Materials and Recycling Blog - A project blog documenting our steps taken in 2020 to audit our packing and shipping materials and make eco-friendly replacements on the supplies we choose to use wherever possible. 

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