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Pure, 200 Proof
Perfumer's Alcohol

By Culinary Solvent

What is "Perfumer's Alcohol" by Culinary Solvent?

Culinary Solvent is pure, 200 proof, food grade ethanol, useful for many projects, including perfume making recipes.  Culinary Solvent only makes and sell pure, food grade ethanol.  You can use Culinary Solvent for perfume recipes, body products, body sprays, aromatherapy, as well as in the kitchen for vanilla extract, edible decorations, organic food coloring, and so much more.

Is there any difference between Perfumers Alcohol and Food Grade Ethanol?

There is no difference.  Food grade ethanol is pure ethyl alcohol.  Pure ethyl alcohol is the best for making perfume, cologne, or body products.  Culinary Solvent only makes and sells pure ethyl alcohol.  There is no difference in product or price when comparing our Culinary Solvent Food Grade 200 Proof Ethanol with Culinary Solvent Perfumers Alcohol.  These products ship in identical bottles, for the same cost because they are identical products, down to the labeling.  Perfumers get a cool custom sticker in their thankyou envelope however...

Is there any difference between Culinary Solvent Perfumers Alcohol and SDA 40B?

SDA 40B is a denatured alcohol recipe containing a base of ethyl alcohol with Tert-Butyl Alcohol and Denatonium Benzoate additives to prevent consumption.  Culinary Solvent contains only pure ethyl alcohol, with zero additives.  Finally, perfumers have the choice to eliminate toxic additives in their perfume recipes by using pure ethyl alcohol like Culinary Solvent.  

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200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol for Perfumers, Zero additives, the safest alcohol for skin & body.

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Culinary Solvent is pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol (ethanol) bottled at 200 proof (100% ABV). Contains zero additives, just pure ethyl alcohol.