Hydrometer floating in 190 Proof Food Grade Ethanol by Culinary Solvent 190 proof 95% Abv food grade alcohol by Culinary Solvent

Pure, 190 Proof

Food Grade Ethanol
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Due to the rules and regulations that govern food grade alcohol, the minimum size bottle we are permitted to sell 190 proof food grade alcohol in is 5 gallons. If you require 190 proof alcohol, but less than 5 gallons at a time, follow this simple guide to dilute your 200 proof down to 190 proof.

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View USDA Certified Organic food grade ethanol available by Culinary Solvent.

Organic Alcohol Guide

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Understanding 190 Proof Food Grade Ethanol

Learn more about why ethanol is an alcohol, but not all alcohols are safe like 190 proof ethanol, plus more.

Food Grade Ethanol Guide

190 Proof Alcohol FAQs

Yes. Culinary Solvent 190 proof alcohol is non denatured, contains zero additives, and is the best alcohol for making tinctures, hands down.

Yes. Culinary Solvent is ideal for making flavor extracts, including vanilla, coffee, black pepper, and more.

Yes. Culinary Solvent's undenatured pure alcohol is safe for skin, highly evaporative, miscible with fragrance oils, ...pretty much perfect for perfumers.

Yes. Both terms "undenatured" and "nondenatured" mean zero additives and are used interchangeably to represent pure alcohol products.