How to Dilute 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol into a 77% ABV Solution

Diluting high-proof ethanol to a specific Alcohol By Volume (ABV) is a vital skill for various applications, from culinary uses to scientific experiments. Many chefs have found success using 77% alcohol solution mixtures as a food safe pasteurizer and non-toxic surface disinfectant that leaves behind no residue or scent. 

Making your own "pasteuriser 77" equivalent 77% ABV solution and never run out again.  Follow these simple yet precise process of turning 200 proof food grade ethanol into a 77% ABV solution. This guide emphasizes the importance of accuracy by measuring ingredients by weight, ensuring you achieve the desired concentration for your needs.

Why Measure by Weight?

When it comes to precision, especially in dilution, measuring ingredients by weight is king. This is because the density of liquids can vary, and weight measurements are not influenced by temperature or the shape of your measuring container. For ethanol and water, this approach guarantees our end product has the exact ABV we're aiming for.

The Recipe: A Step-by-Step Guide

Diluting 200 proof ethanol (which is 100% alcohol by volume) down to a 77% ABV solution is straightforward if you follow these steps closely. You'll need a precise scale for this task, as measuring by weight guarantees the accuracy needed for a perfect dilution.


  • 8 fl ounces (about 236.6 ml) of 200 proof food grade ethanol
  • Water (amount to be calculated)


  • Precision scale
  • Measuring container


  1. Convert Ethanol to Weight: Start by translating the 8 fl ounces of ethanol into grams. Given ethanol's density (0.789 g/ml), this volume equates to approximately 186.67 grams.

  2. Calculate Total Solution Weight: For a 77% ABV, the combined weight of ethanol and water in your final solution should be about 242.43 grams.

  3. Measure Water: You'll need to add approximately 55.76 grams of water to the ethanol. This is the difference between the ethanol's weight and the total desired solution weight.

  4. Mix: Carefully combine the water with the ethanol. Stir thoroughly to ensure a uniform solution.


By following these straightforward steps, you can accurately dilute 200 proof food grade ethanol to a 77% ABV solution. This method is not only simple but ensures precision, making your ethanol suitable for a wide range of uses. 

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