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I highly recommend Culiary Solvent

The company is very helpful, ordering online is easy and they ship efficiently. Their 200 proof food grade ethanol is just what the doctor ordered for an outstanding tincture.

Great service and Wonderful product

I’m an herbalist and have enjoyed the benefits from Culinary Solvent to make my own tinctures. I’ll definitely use them as my go to.

Great product, rapid service and

Great product, rapid service and great communication

Top of the Line

Great experience. My go to every time. Will return and always recommend to friends and family.

Great customer service!

Great customer service!

Amazing Stuff!

Such a great company with awesome product! They sent my order faster than expected and everything was just wonderful. I’m just getting started with working with food grade alcohol and so far the results have been great. I don’t really consume alcohol myself, so this stuff was way stronger than the normal spirits, higher proof. I just tested a tiny bit and set my mouth a blaze, yea-haw! (I really do not recommend drinking this stuff unless you love serious mouth burn and pain! - I just had to test it, once was definitely enough!) My focus is for making extractions and tinctures that require a safer grade of alcohol and this was recommended to me by several others. When you need the serious and safe stuff, this will definitely do the job. I’m so glad for the recommendations, didn’t really know too much about this stuff and I’m looking forward to working with this to get my creativity going! Thanks!


Great product. Great price. Great communication. Great delivery. What’s not to love?

Best tincture ever!

Thank you! You’ve upped my game

Food grade alcohol

Excellent service and prompt shipping.

First time order

Everything was perfect - Thanks so much for quick shipping and safe packaging!


Exactly as ordered and arrived on time. Second successful order.

It just arrived a few

It just arrived a few hours ago. Haven't had a chance to open it, let alone use it yet, but it came in a sturdily packed cardboard box. HTH! Apologies for not being faster in breaking this out in use, but I needed at least a few days to really use the product as we've been in the midst of huge storms here for the last few weeks. Loss of power and flooding has taken precedent over the project this was intended for.

With hopes, if I order again, I'll be faster to use the product for a quicker turn around on reviews. Have a super day.

What it now means to be from Maine

Easy buying, fast shipping, quality product (shellac solvent for me). Couldn’t be happier.

200 proof ethyl alcohol

Great product and customer service!

Great quality , great service

Best food grade alcohol available! Thanks Culinary Solvent

Great service

My order was on time and correct

Artist’s friend

I am a sculptor and I use Culinary Solvent as fuel in my alcohol lamp for wax working. California banned the sale of denatured alcohol, my fuel of choice. This product is an ideal replacement. I look forward to trying it as a solvent for shellac.

Good product and delivery.

Good quality product and efficient delivery time.

Great product

Great product

200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol L.
Top Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol

I love this brand and I love that I am supporting an American family business at the same time. Pricing is competitive and delivery is fast and smooth everytime.

A Proper Job!

I use a lot of 100% (200 proof) alcohol in my tincture making, and Culinary Solvent had the best price and customer outreach (important to me). The ethyl alcohol arrived in 4 1-quart PETE containers, so the packaging was safe in case of accident (if something had leaked or broken, a 1-quart mess would have been easier to clean up than a gallon mess!), and was totally recyclable. I transferred contents into glass containers immediately upon receiving. The company is located in Maine, so east coast shipping was as swift as possible (I am in NC). And, they sent an additional pint as a thanks-for-your-order special, which they called the distiller's gallon. A proper job!

Good quality

I was very happy with the quick response and pick up of the product in a timely manner ! I am thankful for the opportunity to shop local here in Maine :) thank U

Great for homeopathy

Very easy to use, great solvant for preparing food grade homeopathy dilutions made to order or experimental. Becoming your regular customer.

As described quick shipping.

Great solvent! With reduced pressure + closed loop should last a good amount of time. :sunglasses::v::skin-tone-3:

Thank you so much for this Food Grade Alcohol!!!

This product is so important to so many people! For those of us fighting cancer and living in a state or country that does not allow the sale of Everclear, this is the answer to your prayers. I highly recommend this Food grade alcohol. You will find it is the ONLY replacement solvent I have ever recommended. Thank you so much for this Food Grade Alcohol.

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