Understanding Alcohol Types for Perfume Making

The descriptions of the scent profiles of the ingredients listed below are the opinion of Scott,(aka MrTincture), owner of CulinarySolvent.com. These opinions are gained from first-hand experience, sampling many versions of corn, grape, cane, wheat, potato and other spirits. 

Each raw material is special and great in their own unique way.  When it comes to making perfume using food grade alcohol, the scent of the alcohol itself should be considered.  None of these alcohols will or should "smell like rubbing alcohol", instead the raw ingredients used still impart distinct characteristics that perfumers should be aware of and account for in their formulations. 

1. Cane Alcohol (Sugarcane):

  • Scent Profile: This type has a robust molasses-like aroma, upfront and throughout, similar to toasted brown sugar or caramel. "Very present"
  • Good For: Perfumes with vanilla or spicy undertones.
  • Note: The most economical option for certified organic spirits.  

2. Grape Alcohol:

  • Scent Profile: Rich and fragrant, sometimes floral, reminiscent of grapes after wine-making. Earthy, not sweet.
  • Good For: Strong perfumes, as its scent remains even with multiple layers.
  • Note: Grape alcohol is readily available in organic variants.

3. Wheat Alcohol:

  • Scent Profile: Offers a sharp, mostly neutral but consistent spicy aroma.
  • Good For: Perfumes that require a uniform base.
  • Note: It's slightly more expensive due to its widespread use in beverages and wheat's unique handling requirements, not available in organic.

4. Corn Alcohol:

  • Scent Profile: Corn as a raw material offers the most neutral of all, with minimal odor.
  • Good For: Delicate fragrances, as it doesn't overpower other ingredients.
  • Note: It's gluten-free, with variants made from Certified Organic Non-GMO Corn.

Remember, the ethanol you choose can either enhance or diminish your perfume's character. So, take time to consider how its inherent aroma will blend with the other scents in your formula.

Where can you buy different types of alcohol for perfume online?

Visit our Perfume Alcohol Supplier & Price Comparison 2024 blog post for a list of perfumers alcohol suppliers and the various raw material starting stocks available. 

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