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Pure alcohol designed for perfumery - Culinary Solvent
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Organic ethyl alcohol for perfumers - Culinary Solvent
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A 'Neutral Base' for All Natural Perfumery
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Certified USDA organic alcohol for perfumery - Culinary Solvent

Certified Organic Perfumers Alcohol - 100% Ethyl Alcohol for Perfumery

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Order more and save BIG. Gallons ship for FREE!

100% Ethyl Alcohol is the "Best Alcohol for Perfume Making".

Culinary Solvent is 100% ethyl alcohol, perfect for turning rich essential oils into safe, natural aroma experiences.

A naturally crystal clear liquid with a pleasant, neutral aroma, pure 200 proof ethanol quickly and easily blends with water and essential oils to create perfumes or colognes ranging from delicate to complex.  Highly evaporative, fully customizable, and a "known" single source ingredient for confident application across all skin types, including sensitive skin.  

"Nondenatured" means no toxic additives.  And for the record, there are zero total additives in Culinary Solvent, just pure ethyl alcohol.  Safe for use directly on your skin and body.  Excellent for reed diffusers and all aromatherapy applications.

Culinary Solvent is perfect for recipes, processes, or environments intended for internal human consumption or external topical application.

And that's why I say "Culinary Solvent is simply the best alcohol for perfume making, hands down!" Thanks for giving my ethanol a try, you won't be disappointed. -Scott, Founder

Thanks from Scott at Culinary Solvent

  • 200 Proof Ethanol, 100% ABV ethyl alcohol.
  • Distilled from 100% corn recipe.
  • USDA Certified Organic by MOFGA.org.
  • Contains 0% Water, (an Anhydrous Alcohol).
  • Culinary Solvent is pure nondenatured ethanol, contains zero additives, safe for human consumption and topical applications Learn more about denatured vs nondenatured ethanol.  Although safe for consumption, please note that use as a "beverage product" is prohibited by law.  
  • Available Sizes: Pint (16 fl.oz.), Quart (32 fl.oz.), Gallon (128 fl.oz. packed in four (4) quart bottles), Looking for 5 gallons or more, visit our bulk collection
  • Leakproof bottle material: HDPE Recyclable and BPA free.
  • Federal Excise Tax is included in the price.  No surprises at checkout.


Corn: The Natural & Sustainable Choice for Perfumers Alcohol

Natural and Sustainable Perfumers Alcohol from 100% Corn - Culinary Solvent

100% Ethyl Alcohol from 100% Corn.
Safe, Natural, Sustainable.

When it comes to raw material used to make alcohol for perfumers, there are many choices, and each is different..    Grape, Wheat, Cane alcohols may each provide their own character notes to the final perfume's bouquet.

We use a 100% corn recipe for our perfumers alcohol. Corn ethanol produces the most neutral character (read smell) profile available for perfumers seeking to start with a blank canvas for their own unique creation.  Learn more about different raw materials used to make perfumers alcohol on our blog


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