Beginner's Guide to Buying Organic Alcohol

Culinary Solvent certified organic food grade ethanol MOFGA and USDA logos Made in Maine

Only ethanol of the highest quality and production standards is granted status as "Certified Organic".  Culinary Solvent food grade ethanol is certified organic by Maine Farmer's and Gardner's Association.  Use this resource to learn more about organic food grade ethanol.

What is Certified Organic Food Grade Ethanol?

Certified organic food grade ethanol is pure non-denatured ethanol derived from a raw material sourced from a certified organic grower.  Certified organic products must maintain a strict chain of custody accompanied by detailed documentation to ensure the final certified organic product has never been cross contaminated with a non-certified organic product. 

How are ethanol products Certified as Organic?

Certified food grade ethanol products, like Culinary Solvent, have undergone annual inspections by licensed organic inspectors who ensure the process at our distillery maintains the organic chain of custody throughout processing and handing.  The internal documentation, records, and SOPs for organic products are audited and approved before certification is renewed.  

How do I buy Certified Organic Food Grade Ethanol?

Use the secure online store at to buy organic food grade ethanol.  View our selection of food grade ethanol for sale tagged as Organic.


Who makes Culinary Solvent?

It's about the people.  

"Who" & "Where" your food grade ethanol comes from matters.  We are the Northern Maine Distilling Company.  Read more about the family owned operation that distills Culinary Solvent in Northern Maine.

The people that make Culinary Solvenet