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USDA Organic alcohol supplier price comparison table

Welcome to Culinary Solvent, your trusted source for premium organic alcohol. In a world where quality and purity matter more than ever, our commitment to providing the highest standard of organic alcohol sets us apart. Whether you're a professional seeking reliable organic ethanol for your business or an individual passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable practices, our carefully curated selection is designed to meet your diverse needs. Our page offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the benefits of choosing organic alcohol, coupled with a detailed comparison of suppliers and prices. Dive into the world of organic alcohol with Culinary Solvent and discover a product that aligns with both your quality standards and ethical values. 

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    Key Factors in Choosing Organic Alcohol Suppliers

    When evaluating suppliers of food grade organic alcohol, use the information on this page to decide the best supplier for your organic alcohol needs.

    Price Considerations

    Several factors influence the final cost of food grade organic alcohol, including the raw materials used, the distillation and dehydration processes, and the specific focus of the supplier. Be aware that the price can vary due to special deals, discounts, or sometimes hidden fees added after the transaction. It's important to verify that the displayed or quoted price from an organic alcohol supplier includes the Federal Excise Tax. Remember, even if you're exempt from sales tax, the Federal Excise Tax still applies to food-grade organic alcohol purchases. Reputable suppliers will be registered with the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) to ensure compliance with this tax obligation.  

    Supplier’s Specialty

    Customers seeking organic food-grade alcohol prioritize quality and supply chain transparency. To earn the "Organic" certification from the USDA, alcohol suppliers must undergo strict inspections and meet high-quality standards. When choosing a supplier for organic food-grade alcohol, it's helpful to examine their product range. Suppliers with a higher proportion of organic food-grade ethanol products in their catalog generally demonstrate a stronger focus and expertise in this area, and thus can be considered a preferable choice for your purchase.

    Organic Alcohol Online Supplier Comparison Table

    Organic Alcohol Online Supplier Price Table

    Understanding Our Comparison Criteria  

    Supplier's Designation

    • If a supplier has an actual DSP (Distilled Spirits Permit), they are listed in the above table as a "Distillery". 
    • If the supplier does not manufacture any products, but instead acts as a wholesale distributor for other people's products, they are listed as a "Chemical Distributor". 

    Product Count Assessments

    Counts reported as "Total Products in Catalogue" and "Total Organic Products" were performed using one or more of the publicly available tools featured on the websites of each supplier, including the search function and the top-level navigation menu.  The top level store URL for each organic alcohol supplier is provided below each table. 

    Selection Criteria for Suppliers Featured in the Matrix

    Our comparison matrix features the most popular organic alcohol suppliers based on Google search results as of December 2023, ensuring a relevant and current selection. We recognize the dynamic nature of the market and invite your suggestions for any important suppliers we may have missed. Please reach out to us via our contact page or social media to suggest additional suppliers for our list.

    Total Catalogue & Total Organic Product Count

    A count of products offered by each supplier is reported using either the site's search function, or by browsing the top-level navigation menus for each website.  "Total Product Count" value represents the total number of items for sale on the supplier's website, including USDA Certified Organic 200 proof alcohol products. 

    "Total Organic 200 Proof Food-Grade Alcohol Count" value represents the total number of items offered for sale that are USDA certified organic 200 proof (100% ABV) while also containing zero additives (non-denatured/undenatured). 

    Please note, the total product count and total available quantity of 200 proof organic alcohol products available for each supplier may have changed since the publication of this table data.  Links to each organic alcohol supplier's store are provided below the table to confirm current availability and supplier prices.

    Price Analysis Methodology

    The prices posted in the table above are provided directly from the organic food grade alcohol supplier website.  A link to each organic food grade ethanol supplier listing is provided below the table. 

    Why Choose Culinary Solvent as Your Organic Alcohol Supplier

    • Competitive Pricing and Offers. When you buy direct from the distillery, you are supporting the people who make the product directly, and you get access to opportunities or the ability to make special requests a reality.
    • Commitment to Quality Guarantee.  When it comes to distilling for quality, smaller is better.  Refined after dehydration using an array of micro-batch pot stills, this level of rectification creates an ethanol purity you can smell and feel.  Our guarantee is backed directly by the people that make it, and we take our reputation as a quality supplier of the purest food grade alcohol seriously.
    • Superior Customer Service.  Everyone promises excellent customer service.  Ours will make you say "wow".  Read Culinary Solvent product reviews to see what people are saying about their Culinary Solvent experience.

    Get Started with Culinary Solvent Organic Alcohol

    Buying 200 proof organic alcohol from is quick, easy, and convenient.  Follow these steps to buy 200 proof organic alcohol online.

    1.  Acquaint yourself with your State's Rules and Regulations. - If you live in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington D.C., or Wyoming then you are all and can proceed to step 2.  If your state wasn't listed visit our map page to understand your requirements for buying food grade organic alcohol.
    2. Visit - Browse our selection of food grade organic alcohol for sale, available in 200 proof and 190 proof varieties.  All products are kept in stock and ship with 1 day processing time nationwide.
    3. Provide Payment and Shipping Information - Once you've chosen your organic alcohol products, proceed to checkout using online store powered by Shopify.  We'll provide tracking information once your order is packed, with automated updated during transit through to delivery confirmation.
    4. Prepare for Delivery - All orders ship requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.  Be sure that someone over the age of 21 is available to sign and accept the package upon arrival.  Due to the nature of the product being shipping, PO boxes and hold requests at local FedEx or UPS locations are not allowable destinations, all orders must ship to a physical address and be signed for at delivery. 

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