Our Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

Culinary Solvent pure food grade ethanol distilled from 100% corn by the Northern Maine Distilling Company

The way we make it:

Our commitment:  Where ever possible we have taken measures to source our materials, supplies, and ingredients from sustainably minded vendors and similar small owner operated businesses.  The design of our system maintains a heat transfer efficiency no matter how big or small our distillation batches run.   
What "fuels" our distillation runs?
To distill we must first generate steam, and to do that, we use natural gas in our onsite low pressure steam boiler.  Natural gas boilers are significantly more efficient than their fuel oil counterparts.  



The way we ship it:

Our Commitment: Where ever possible, we have taken measures to source our shipping and packing materials from sustainably minded vendors, and with a focused switch to ensuring that as close to 100% previously recycled and/or 100% recyclable in easy to find community recycling programs.  The caveat "as close to 100%" is due to the "hazmat" nature of some of our orders, read my blog post for the long explanation (Post coming soon). 

 Culinary Solvent and The Northern Maine Distilling Co Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

Bill of Materials

We have assembled the following bill of materials document to provide additional details on the materials used to ship you Culinary Solvent so that you can make the best decision on how to reuse, re purpose, or recycle each material the best.

Download our Bill of Materials PDF.