Is Culinary Solvent Certified Organic?

Certified Organic Food Grade Ethanol - Culinary Solvent

Yes, Culinary Solvent is available "Certified Organic" by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardner's Association.  More information on MOFGA at

All products certified as organic, including Culinary Solvent food grade ethanol, must adhere to strict rules and practices when handing and processing the product labeled as "certified organic".  Certifying agencies perform annual inspections of our distillery to ensure best practices are followed and maintained.  Annual review process includes a documentation audit to ensure chain of custody never "mingles" with product not certified as organic.  This inspection and certification process occurs annually to ensure the highest quality standards are met. 

Who Certifies Culinary Solvent as Organic?

Culinary Solvent is certified 100% organic by The Maine Farmer's and Gardener's Association.

When does Culinary Solvent's Organic Certification Renew

Organic certification is renewed annually following an inspection of the premises and audit of the process used to make Culinary Solvent Organic Food Grade Ethanol.

How do I obtain a copy of Culinary Solvent's Organic Certification?

Use this contact form to request a copy of Culinary Solvent's current Organic Certification.

Where can I buy Culinary Solvent Organic Food Grade Ethanol?

Use the secure online store at to buy organic food grade ethanol.

Can you ship organic food grade ethanol to my address?

The answer is often "Yes". View our map of states we ship ethanol to here.

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