1 Gallon 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol
Pure Ethyl Alcohol - 100% Corn Recipe
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Unlock Advanced Baking Techniques and Glazes with Culinary Solvent
Create Rich and Vibrant Vanilla Extracts with Culinary Solvent
Make Hard and Soft Candies, Gels, Shells, Coatings with Culinary Solvent
Ideal for Varroa Mite Oxalic Acid Vaporizers
ethanol for perfume alcohol suppliers - Culinary Solvent
No Toxic Additives, Safe for Kitchens and Food service - Culinary Solvent
Ethanol for cleaning Food Safe Precision Machining - Culinary Solvent
Clean burning ethanol as a safer alternative for jewelers - Culinary Solvent
1 Gallon - 100% Ethyl Alcohol [200 Proof] Food Grade Ethanol - Culinary Solvent™

1 Gallon - 100% Ethyl Alcohol [200 Proof] Food Grade Ethanol - Culinary Solvent™

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Culinary Solvent is pure food grade ethanol designed for recipes, processes, or environments intended for internal human consumption or external topical application.  Non-denatured ethanol, zero additives, a food safe product.

Also available in Certified Organic.

Why choose Culinary Solvent Food Grade Ethanol?

200 proof food grade ethanol the ultimate versatile kitchen tool - Culinary Solvent

Culinary Solvent is 1.) Safe 2.) Proven 3.) Natural

Move over swiss army knife, Culinary Solvent is the new super-tool for the kitchen, laboratory, workshop, or nursery.  Checkout the tab of suggested uses to see all of the different ways people just like you use Culinary Solvent. 


  • 100% ethyl alcohol (ethanol).
  • 1 Gallon (128 fluid ounces)
  • Packed in four (4) 32 fl oz bottles.
  • Nondenatured Ethanol.
  • Contains zero additives
  • Distilled from 100% corn recipe.
  • Federal Excise Tax is included in the price. 

Is Culinary Solvent the same as Everclear 190 proof?

Compare Everclear 190 Proof with Culinary Solvent pure food grade ethanol

Both Culinary Solvent and Everclear 190 proof are food grade ethanol products, but the similarities end there.  Can you even buy Everclear at 100% ABV?  Everclear is a registered trademark of Luxco, Inc and not affiliated with Culinary Solvent.   Read More: Culinary Solvent vs Everclear: What is the same? and What is different?



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      Can you ship Culinary Solvent to my State?

      • States we currently ship to:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wyoming, Vermont
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      Where we ship food grade ethanol map - Culinary Solvent

        Suggested Uses

        Food Grade & Food Safe

        Culinary Solvent is is pure food grade alcohol, containing zero additives. That mean's Culinary Solvent is perfect for use in the kitchen, food service environments, laboratory, workshop, kennels, bathrooms, and nurseries.

        No Benzene Used for Dehydration

        Distillation can only get ethanol to 190 proof.  Culinary Solvent obtains 200 proof using a ceramic filter called a "molecular sieve".  This chemical free sustainable process is the industry standard for dehydrating water out of solution from ethanol, leaving behind a pure food grade ethanol product with zero percent water.  Learn more about how molecular sieves work without use of benzene or other dangerous chemical additives. 

        Simply put: If quality is important, and non-toxic ingredients matter, Culinary Solvent is the best choice for your next project.

        • Tinctures - Herbal & Botanical intended for human consumption.
        • Confectioners - Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Gels, Shells, Coatings, Decoration
        • Bakers - Impart custom flavors into cakes or frostings, glazes, edible paints.
        • Luthiers - Expertly dissolves natural Shellac flakes for French Polishing Applications
        • Salumists - Create delicate charcuterie, salami, and sausage preparations with optimal control of the protein denaturation process.   
        • Create All Natural Flavor Extracts, individual or layered for one of a kind culinary creations.
        • Create All Natural Food Colorings using real natural ingredients
        • The Ultimate Camper/Boater's Multi-Purpose Must-Have Item:  Useful as an antiseptic, disinfectant, stove fuel.
        • The safe, non-toxic alternative to denatured alcohol.  Designed for use by Jewelers for safe soldering of gems to precious metals.
        • Ethanol is CDC recommended for killing germs and viruses.