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Welcome to Culinary Solvent, your dependable source for premium 200 proof food grade ethanol. In an era where the quality and purity of products are more crucial than ever, our dedication to offering the highest standard of 200 proof alcohol truly sets us apart. Whether you're a professional in search of reliable 200 proof ethanol for your extraction operations, or an individual committed to high-quality practices absent of toxic additives, understanding industry terms and common practices ensures you get the best alcohol to meet your needs. This page is intended to provide a guide to understanding the advantages of choosing 200 proof food grade ethanol vs denatured alcohol, and to provide analysis of top suppliers of pure 200 proof food grade alcohol, including current prices for each supplier's 200 proof product.

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What Is 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol?

200 proof alcohol, often referred to as food grade ethanol, represents the highest purity of ethyl alcohol available. This level of purity makes 200 proof alcohol an essential ingredient in a variety of applications, particularly where food safety and quality are paramount. From culinary uses like flavor extraction and food preservation to pharmaceutical and laboratory applications, food grade ethanol's versatility is unmatched. 

In the alcohol industry, "proof" indicates the alcohol content in a spirit, where 200 proof means 100% ethanol, containing no water.  Ethanol and alcohol are synonymous, but not all liquids labeled as "alcohol" are ethanol.... Alcohol terminology can be complex and sometimes misleading, potentially resulting in dangerous outcomes. For a better understanding of the different terms used for non-beverage non-denatured alcohols, explore our "Defining Common Alcohol Terms" page to gain expert status on these various industry terms.

Factors Affecting 200 Proof Alcohol Prices

There are many factors that can affect the price of 200 proof alcohol from various suppliers including the formula of the alcohol (denatured or non-denatured?), the raw materials sourced, the distillation economies of scale and resolution on refinement, the packaging, and finally state-and-local taxes or permit fees.  

Additives Effect on Price: Denatured vs Undenatured Alcohol

In the realm of 200 proof alcohol, the presence or absence of additives plays a crucial role in pricing. Alcohols that are 'denatured'—commonly referred to as denatured alcohol or denatured ethanol—contain additional substances known as denaturants. Despite these extra ingredients, denatured alcohol is often more cost-effective compared to its non-denatured ethanol counterpart. This price difference is largely due to tax implications; denatured alcohol products are exempt from the Federal Excise Tax.

About The Federal Excise Tax

On the other hand, 'non-denatured' or 'undenatured' alcohol products are subject to the Federal Excise Tax, currently set at $27.00 per gallon for 200 proof alcohol.  Effective 12/29/2022 a reduced excise tax rate is applicable on the first 100,000 proof gallons made at a respective distilled sprits plant.  This tax, applicable only to non-denatured alcohol products, significantly impacts the final cost to consumers and businesses opting for non-denatured varieties.

View our page for more information on Denatured vs Undenatured Alcohol

    Bottle & Packaging Materials Effect on Price

      The choice of bottle and packaging materials significantly influences the price of 200 proof alcohol. Suppliers provide this product in various materials, each offering unique advantages and disadvantages, including impacts on the overall cost.

      • Plastic - Plastic containers, particularly those made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), offer a cost-effective and safe storage solution for 200 proof alcohol, contributing to lower product prices. The durability and reliability of HDPE, identifiable by a "2" stamp, are the most common bottle material in the industry.
      • Glass - Glass bottles, known for their non-reactive properties and long-standing reliability in storage, carry an inherent appeal that often enhances the perceived value of products. However, their susceptibility to breakage leads to higher shipping and handling costs, impacting the overall price of the product.
      • Metal - Metal containers, available in large sizes such as 5 and 55 gallons, provide unmatched durability for long-term storage and transport, enhancing the product's perceived value due to their robustness. However, the higher manufacturing costs of these food-grade, non-reactive materials like stainless steel, or those with FDA-approved liners, can result in a higher final product cost compared to HDPE alternatives.

        Expert Advice for Choosing the Best Supplier for 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol

        When selecting a supplier for 200 proof alcohol, prioritize one that aligns with the quality standards and values essential to your project. Exercise caution against immediately opting for the lowest-priced option in your search results; it's crucial to distinguish between different types of alcohol, as the cheapest option might lead you to inadvertently purchase isopropyl or denatured alcohol. For projects requiring organic certification, choose suppliers who are certified organic processors or handlers. To verify their compliance and currency, request their latest organic certificate, ensuring it has been updated within the past year.

        200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol Supplier Comparison

        200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol Price Comparison

        Understanding Our Comparison Criteria

        Supplier's Designation Assessment Parameters

        • If the listed supplier operates an actual DSP (Distilled Spirits Permit), they are listed in the above table as a "Distillery". 
        • If the supplier does not manufacture any products, but instead rebottles and or acts as distributor on behalf of some non-present distillery, they are listed as a "Chemical Distributor". 

        Supplier Specialty by Qty of Products Offered for Sale

        Determination of specialty was made by evaluating total product offering of each supplier.  Specialty assessment in the table above reports the most popular product by offering count, not factoring in different size variants as an additional offering.  For example, if Supplier A has a catalogue of 15 products comprising: 6 x hydrocarbon products, 1 x carbon dioxide product, 1 x dry ice product, and 1 x 200 proof ethanol product, the supplier's specialty would be listed as a "Hydrocarbon, Carbon Dioxide, 200 Proof Ethanol" on the price comparison table above.  

        Total Catalogue & Total 200 Proof Product Count

        A count of products offered by each supplier is reported using either the site's search function, or by browsing the top-level navigation menus for each website.  "Total Product Count" value represents the total number of items for sale on the supplier's website, including 200 proof alcohol products. 

        "Total 200 Proof Food Grade Alcohol Count" value represents the total number of items offered for sale that is 200 proof (100% ABV) while also containing zero additives (non-denatured/undenatured). 

        Please note, the total product count and total available quantity of 200 proof alcohol products available for each supplier may have changed since the publication of this table data.  Links to each 200 proof alcohol supplier's store are provided below the table to confirm current availability and prices. 

        Price Analysis Methodology

        The prices posted in the 200 Proof Alcohol Supplier & Price Comparison table above are provided directly from the individual supplier's ecommerce website.

        The information presented in the table comparing 200 proof alcohol supplier prices is presented as information only, and may change after this page has been published.  No opinion is expressed whatsoever on the prices presented in this table compared to any other supplier, we're just sharing the facts.  

        Selection Criteria for Suppliers Featured in Price Comparison Matrix

        The 200 Proof Alcohol Supplier Comparison table features the 200 proof alcohol suppliers who appear on Google search results as of December 2023, ensuring a relevant and current selection. We recognize the dynamic nature of the market and invite your suggestions for any important suppliers we may have missed. Please reach out to us via our contact page or social media to suggest additional suppliers for our list.

        Considerations when Buying 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol Direct from the Distillery vs a Distributor

        When considering the purchase of 200 proof food grade ethanol, choosing between a distillery and a distributor is key. Directly buying from a distillery ensures quality, as you receive the product straight from its creators. This option often includes expert guidance and supports the artisans themselves. However, distributors may offer different price points, leading to questions about value and potential quality differences. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preference for direct artisan support and assured quality versus potentially varied pricing through distributors.

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        5. Get Ready to Start Making! Do you have all of the other supplies and ingredients ready to get started ASAP?  If not, no worries, your food grade alcohol will store safely in the leak-proof bottle it was delivered in without losing proof or being affected by the bottle materials.  Visit our helpful page for more tips on storing your food grade ethanol between uses.

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