Make your own 70% Alcohol Solution for Disinfecting according to CDC Guidelines

Make your own 70% Alcohol Solution for Disinfecting - Culinary Solvent

Before you get started:  If you didn't purchase Culinary Solvent for your 70% alcohol solution recipe, please check the ABV of your alcohol, and ensure you are following the right recipe with proper dilution ratios of alcohol to water.  Links to additional recipes for different starting alcohols at the bottom of this page. -Mr.Tincture

Recipes to Make 70% Alcohol Solution for Disinfecting Spray

The CDC recommends alcohol solutions of at least 70% alcohol (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) for effective surface disinfection.  See the CDC's complete recommendation here including their list of FDA approved disinfectant brands.  We recommend diluting your surface disinfectant to a minimum ABV of 80%, see our recommended recipes below.

Customers seeking to maximize the alcohol solution they can create with the starting alcohol they have on hand may follow the recipes below to make an alcohol solution that is exactly 70% alcohol by volume.  Diluting below the recommended concentration of 70% ABV may result in the spreading of germs, please take extra care to measure ingredients when diluting to 70% alcohol.

Recipes to make 70% Alcohol Solution for Disinfecting Sprays

How to disinfect surfaces with 70% alcohol solution step by step - Culinary Solvent

Recipes to make 80% Alcohol Solution for Disinfecting Spray

The more alcohol in your disinfecting solution, the better.  It's the alcohol that does the germ and virus killing, higher concentrations have been proven to kill more germs quicker, essentially reducing the required wait time of 30 seconds for effective surface disinfection.  Read more here >> Source.


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Does ethyl alcohol kill germs, viruses, and bacteria on surfaces?

Answer: Yes, so long as the concentration and contact time minimum requirements are met.  For a detailed answer with links to authoritative sources, visit Does Ethyl Alcohol Kill Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria?







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