About States that Prohibit Import or Sale of Food Grade Ethanol

Every state in the United States has it's own set of rules and regulations governing ethyl alcohol use and sale.  Literally different for each state in the union, some states permit the sale but regulate the import, some states permit the sale but make the process too burdensome (like requiring customer fingerprints on file).  Some states have gone so far as to explicitly prohibit the sale, import, or both sale and import. 

We have provided a color coded map of the United States for quick reference to each state's specific status regarding food grade ethanol.  Use the information on this page for more details on the states that prohibit the sale of food grade ethanol.

What States Prohibit Sale or Shipment of Food Grade Ethanol?

The laws and regulations covering for alcohol in the following states prohibit the sale or shipment of food grade ethanol: 
  • Delaware
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

What States Allow for the Sale but are still considered "Prohibited"

These states have established language which does permit the import, sale, or transport of food grade ethanol, but also establishes requirments which make the sale impractical or too burdensome (in the form of reporting, registration, deferred payment, direct product deferment to a bonded warehouse before customer delivery, etc).  These additional regulations for the markets listed below have been determined to prevent our ability to offer direct customer service throughout order fulfillment.  Unfortunately at this time, while legally permitted to do so, we are unable to fulfill orders to the following states:  

  • Alaska
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Virginia

Why is Alaska a prohibited state?

Alaska is listed as prohibited at this time due to the necessity of shipping ethanol via ground transportation only per the DOT.  Furthermore, the country of Canada lists 200 proof ethanol as a regulated material requiring registration and customs paperwork for the transit through Canada and back into the US via Alaska.  Unfortunately, at this time, the requirement for ground transport service coupled with additional customs and VAT documents, places estimated travel time to Alaska from Maine at 4-6 weeks minimum (as of summer of 2021).

If I live in a prohibited state, can I ship my order to a different state?

For a list of available states we are permitted to ship to, please reference our color coded map

Please note that personally transporting food grade ethanol into or through a state which has rules or regulations prohibiting such action is not recommended.  Always abide by all rules and regulations placed by your state, county, city or other governing authority.  Ignoring such regulations may lead to fees or penalties imposed by your local law enforcement entity and revenue collection department tasked with regulating food grade ethanol import, sale, and taxation.

Remember: When in doubt, reach out and ask.

Do the rules and regulation ever change?

Yes, they certainly do.  Many factors contribute to the changes that are regularly occurring to laws and statutes of any given state, including changing market forces, new non-beverage industry emergence, or even enough petition signatures to bring a proposed change to the state representatives and senators sitting on the right committee. 

If you live in a state where non-beverage ethanol sales are prohibited, a suggested action to make is direct contact with your local representatives and state your need plainly and clearly.  Often, pointing to other states rule language as precedent that can be used to model systems of regulation that fit the state's needs.   

We are dedicated to tracking the rules and regulations of each state.  As we are made aware of changes to the rules and regulations, we will update our Shipping Ethanol Rules and Permits Blog, as well as our map and individual state pages.


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