About Freight Shipping (How to Track and What to Expect)

About Freight to Maine

Freight to customers in Maine is provided by Portland Air Freight (PAF).

Freight orders to Maine take only 1 day of transit time after pickup.  PAF does not currently offer weekend delivery service.

How to track freight by PAF

Once your freight has been scheduled, you will receive an email with a tracking number called a "Tag Number" or "Tag ID". 

Visit Portland Air Freight's "Crown Connect Tracking System" and search for your shipment using the tag ID provided in your order confirmation email.  The PAF Crown Connect site requires users to register a free account to use the tracking feature.

About Freight Outside of Maine

Freight to customers outside of Maine is provided by XPO Logistics.

How to track freight by XPO

Once your freight has been scheduled, you will receive an email with a tracking number called a "PRO Number" or "PRO#".

Visit the XPO Logistics Track a Shipment page and search for your shipment using the PRO# provided in your order confirmation email.

About Economy vs Priority Freight

Orders shipped economy freight are not managed dock-to-dock by XPO and accordingly may experienced added delays in transit as local carriers are engaged to deliver the "final mile".  Sometimes, depending on the destination, freight may travel by rail car which can add further delays in transit while the cargo awaits loading and unloading onto rail. 

Can customers schedule their own freight pickup?

Yes, we are able to accommodate customers who would like to schedule their own freight service for bulk orders greater than 20 gallons.  Please use the Contact Form to request to have your own freight company pickup your order at the distillery in Brewer.  Orders shipped via other freight company must meet minimum requirments and be able to receive and transport hazardous material.  In the event that a requested 3rd party carrier cannot provide adequate service as determined by our team, we reserve the right to ship using our approved carriers. Unless otherwise specified in writing, customer is responsible for all freight charges that may result in delivery of their order to their final destination.

What is the minimum size order to ship via Freight?

Orders starting at 20 gallons are available to ship via freight service.  Orders under 30 gallons ship via FedEx Ground. 

How do freight orders ship?

Orders shipped via freight will be secured to a pallet.  A fork lift or pallet jack is required to load/unload the pallet from the truck. Customers who do not have a loading bay at their destination may choose "lift gate service" at checkout to indicate need for the pallet to be lowered to the ground at delivery.

Loading Docks vs Lift Gate Service

Orders shipped freight require a loading dock of sufficient height for a truck to back into and unload.  Due to the weight of bulk orders, delivery to commercial destination without a loading dock will require the truck to return with different equipment to lower down the pallet to the ground (lift gate service), and may be subject to additional delivery delays or fees imparted by the freight company.  Customers are responsible for additional fees placed by freight carrier if destination address is different from that described at checkout.  If you do not have a loading dock, please indicate requiring a lift gate service when selecting freight option at checkout.  Lift gate service lowers the pallet to the ground for easy delivery and typically adds approximatly $75 to the cost of transport. Read more about reshipment fees and added freight charges