How do I safely dispense Culinary Solvent from my 55 gallon drum?

Our 55 gallon drums are equipped with two (2) 2” bungs which are threaded to accept any range of standard 55 gallon drum dispensing accessories.  Drum dispensing pumps range from simple to complex and are capable of dispensing a little or a lot of liquid per stroke.  We recommend the two suppliers linked below as the place to begin your search for the drum dispensing pump that fits your needs.  When choosing a dispensing solution for your drum of food grade ethanol, ensure the materials used to construct the pump are compatible with 200 proof food grade ethanol.  See our post on “What materials are chemically compatible with food grade ethanol” here for more information on suggested materials.  


Use these links to view options for various types and styles of drum dispensers and pumps:


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