About Buying Everclear Alcohol in Maine

about buying everclear alcohol in Maine

"Everclear®," widely recognized as a term for "high-proof alcohol," is frequently searched for by thousands in Maine who require 200 proof food grade ethanol for various non-beverage applications.  Despite the high demand, Maine laws restrict the sale of "Everclear" in retail stores, leaving many to wonder, "Where to buy Everclear near me?"

The information on this page aims to clarify the regulations prohibiting the sale of Everclear in Maine and outline legal alternatives for those seeking 190 proof alcohol for purposes such as creating herbal tinctures, extracts, organic food coloring, concentrates, edible decorations, perfumes, body products, room sprays, disinfectants, sanitizers (hand or kitchen), and other craft-related applications.

About Buying Everclear 190 Proof Alcohol in Maine

Maine rules regulating alcohol prohibit the sale of Everclear 190 proof alcohol on store shelves in MaineMaine does allow for the sale of Everclear alcohol bottled at 151 proof (75.5% ABV). 

What Are the Alternatives to Everclear in Maine

If your project or recipe calls for Everclear, and you can't buy Everclear in Maine, what are your options?  Learn more about finding alternatives to Everclear by understanding these important properties:

1.) "Everclear" Means "High-Proof, Undenatured Ethyl Alcohol"

When your recipe specifies Everclear, it's essentially requiring pure ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, is the sole type of alcohol that is safe for consumption.

2.) "High-Proof" Means 190 or Above

The cap for distilling alcohol at atmospheric pressure, due to basic chemistry limitations, has historically been 190 proof (95% ABV). However, advancements like ceramic filters, designed to physically separate water molecules from 190-proof ethanol, now make it possible to produce food-safe 200 proof food grade ethanol. When recipes specify "Everclear" or "high-proof alcohol," obtaining the highest proof available is ideal. Yet, the significance of choosing "undenatured" 200 proof alcohol for such applications cannot be overstated.

3.) "Undenatured" Means Pure Ethyl Alcohol

"Undenatured" signifies that the alcohol solution is free of any additives or denaturants, consisting solely of ethyl alcohol and water. Everclear falls into this category as undenatured alcohol. In contrast, alcohol solutions with added substances are labeled as "denatured alcohol." These additives are introduced to deter consumption, which in turn subjects them to lower tax rates.  Never substitute Everclear with "denatured alcohol". Always check labels or listings for the words "food grade" or "undenatured/non-denatured".

Where to buy pure, 200-proof food grade ethanol in Maine?

Buying 200 proof food grade ethanol in Maine is quick and easy from CulinarySolvent.com.  Use the links below to browse, no permit required to ship to Maine residents or businesses via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground.

Still Uncertain? Visit our step-by-step guide on how to buy food grade ethanol in Maine direct from the distillery in Maine.

how to buy food grade ethanol in Maine

Compare Everclear 190 proof to Culinary solvent food grade ethanol

*Everclear is a registered trademark of Luxco, Inc.  Culinary Solvent is not affiliated with Everclear or Luxco, Inc.

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As of 2022, we are not aware of any online retailers who will fulfill an order for Everclear 190 proof shipped to an address outside of the state where the online retailer is located.  At this time, customers interested in purchasing the ethanol product branded as "Everclear" must visit a brick and mortar retail establishment located within a state that has authorized the listing and sale of the product.

Often, the answer is "Yes".  While this depends on the individual state laws, checkout our map here, non-beverage nondenatured ethanol is still available (legal and permitted) for purchase and import.  We have read all 50 state's alcohol rules and have built a database offering complete details on each state's specific rules and regulations.  

Yes. We ship to California, Maine, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas and more without a permit required. All orders are delivered to business or residential addresses via FedEx ground. Check out the map of states we ship to.

The states that sell 190 proof Everclear are Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.