Evaporated Alcohol Tincture Concentrate Images and Expanded Information

By following certain recipes and steps, the cannabinoids present on cannabis flower can be concentrated into a potent, more pure form.  Concentrates unlock new, healthier (no smoking) ways to consume cannabis.


cannabis concentrates made from an alcohol tincture

DIY Cannabis Concentrates from Alcohol Tinctures

Making cannabis concentrates does not require special equipment like a roto Vap, short path setup, or vacuum oven.  Read more about how to build your own AVA (Alcohol Vanishing Apparatus) using a box fan and other household supplies.   AVA , capable of evaporating away the alcohol in a cannabis tincture leaving behind a potent cannabis concentrate.

What do evaporated alcohol tincture cannabis concentrates look like?

Examples of some of the cannabis concentrate final results made by evaporating the alcohol out of a 3 minute quick wash alcohol tincture.  View more photos on my Instagram feed https://instagram.com/culinarysolvent.

cannabis concentrate made with alcohol tincture
A "slab" of concentrate after evaporation. After evaporation, the concentrate is scraped from the dish and pressed flat with an iron between 2 sheets of parchment paper resulting in a translucent slab.
decarboxylated cannabis concentrate made from alcohol tincture
A decarboxylated slab of evaporated cannabis concentrate. The puck marks are trapped CO2 bubbles resulting from the decarboxylation stage, trapped as the concentrate cooled.
sticky honey like concentrate on tip of stainless tool
A golden yellow sticky evaporated tincture concentrate.
Pressing the dry concentrate between 2 sheets of parchment paper combines small scrapings and any powder-bits into a single clean slab.  
If you permit your evaporation stage enough time, the results will be a hard-candy like consistency that can be handled easily with fingers at room temperature.
AThe pressed slab from the previous picture with a backlight demonstrating the translucent golden yellow-brown properties of the final evaporated concentrate.

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