About Alcohol for Cannabis Tinctures and Extracts

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200 Proof Culinary Solvent is the ideal food grade ethanol for making cannabis tinctures quickly and easily.  Use this page as a guide for more resources for working with food grade alcohol to make tincture or other extracted concentrates.

A guide to alcohol for tinctures - Our introduction to the basic terms and concepts of tincturing herbs using food grade ethyl alcohol. 

Tips for Preparing Cannabis for Tincture

Tips for Tincturing Cannabis 101 - posted soon

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Tips for reducing liquid content of and alcohol tincture into concentrate. Excellent Recommended Resources

For additional recipes and techniques working with cannabis and food grade ethanol, we recommend the following pages:

Tincture Recipes via www.Tincture.Recipes

Tincture.recipes is a site run by CulinarySolvent.com with the intent of being a future resource of tincture recipes.  At this time we are no longer supporting the content on ticture.recipes and will be migrating the recipes posted there to this site, eventually....

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