Storage Tips and Best Practices for Culinary Solvent

Follow these recommended steps for the safe storage of your unused Culinary Solvent.

Tips for Individuals Storing Small Amounts of Ethanol

Store your bottle of Culinary Solvent in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight and in the original container it was shipped in.  Always keep out of reach of children.  With the cap tightly closed, your Culinary Solvent does not expire and volume should remain constant (product does not evaproate away through a closed bottle).

Tips for Businesses Storing Bulk Ethanol

  • How much do you need? Double check on the actual amount you need, and only store that amount. We we are happy to supply you with as much as you need however storing smaller amounts safer than storing larger amounts. We recommend you only keep enough on hand for not more than two weeks.
  • Check with your local fire code. - Depending on local ordinances or codes that affect may affect your business, you may need to follow additional steps to ensure the safe storage in accordance with those recommendations of your local authorities. Reaching out to your local fire department to inquire about "any special requirements for the storage of 200 proof ethanol?" is a great place to start if you are unsure about your local codes.  Typically, volumes under 5 gallons do not generally have special requirements however asking your local expert directly is the best way to know for sure.
  • Prepare your storage area. Depending on the volume you intend to purchase and store, you may need to make special arrangements before placing your order. This advice applies to commercial customers storing bulk volumes over 15 gallons primarily. Local regulations may require spill containment or other measures before your ethanol is delivered.
  • Consider package type if storage for an extended period of time is expected. - Drums vs individual 5 gallon pails, certain packages may be advantageous depending on your specific situation. We are able to package product in drums or jugs, we offer metal drums upon request and availability.


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