Storage Tips and Best Practices for Culinary Solvent

Due to the additional restrictions and limitations that can impact the import of food grade ethyl alcohol (ethanol), like Culinary Solvent, it is important consider how much ethanol you will need and your storage space for it prior to placing your order.

Amount to Order

Culinary Solvent will not expire or evaporate if stored properly.  However, due the flammability of ethanol, it is better to only order the minimal amount you will need for your project or application.  If in doubt, we recommend only ordering enough to last you two weeks at a time for longer-term projects and applications.  All orders or pints, quart, or gallons (shipped as four quart bottles) are shipped in small bottles, able to fit on a shelf, with a tight-fitting lid.  You will not need to transfer your ethanol to a different container upon receipt or opening, as our bottles are intended for long-term storage of ethanol.  Our five-gallon jugs are heavier and can be more difficult to use or store, so unless you estimate using five gallons of ethanol in two weeks, we recommend ordering in smaller amounts.

Storage Location

For all amounts of Culinary Solvent, store your bottle, jug, or drum in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight, in the original container it was shipped in.  Always keep ethanol and other alcohol products out of reach of children. 

For larger quantities of ethanol, you may need to check with your local fire code prior to storing ethanol.  Certain restrictions or regulations may apply to your storage area depending on your local codes.  If you are unsure of your local codes, reach out to your local fire department to ask about special requirements for the storage of 190 or 200 proof ethanol

Typically, volumes under five gallons do not have special requirements; however, asking your local authorities directly is the best way to know for sure.

For Businesses

Local regulations may impact your ability to store bulk volumes over 15 gallons, such as spill containment regulations.  Businesses should know their local ordinances or requirements prior to placing their order to ensure they are able to properly store their ethanol.


All of our smaller orders (pints, quarts, and gallons) are packaged in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles with leak-proof lids.  Our five-gallon and drum orders are typically packaged in HDPE plastic jugs/drums with a dispensing component.  Metal drums may be available upon request.  

Download Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Culinary Solvent here.

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