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How to receive an ethanol delivery - Culinary Solvent

Purchasing food-grade ethyl alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com is straightforward and efficient. Nonetheless, due to ethanol's classification as a hazardous material, additional procedures are necessary for shipping and delivering your order. This resource aims to address any questions you might have regarding the shipment and delivery process for your order from CulinarySolvent.com.  

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How Orders from CulinarySolvent.com are Shipped

Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

Pints, quarts, and gallons (single gallons, which are composed of four quart-sized bottles, not five-gallon jugs) of 200 proof Culinary Solvent ship via common carrier (UPS or FedEx) as other regulated materials (ORM-D) due to ethanol's hazmat status.  Although these specific quantities are not considered hazmat, they require a marking indicating that they contain a limited quantity of a hazmat that poses a limited hazard during transportation.  

All orders require an adult (21 years or older) signature at time of delivery

If you won't be home at time delivery, see "Shipping Culinary Solvent without an 'Adult Signature Required.'"

Note: 190 proof Culinary Solvent is not available to ship in these quantities due to state regulations. 190 proof Culinary Solvent is only available starting at five gallons.

Five-Gallon Jugs

Five-gallon jugs ship via common carrier (UPS or FedEx) as hazmat due to the weight and volume of flammable material in each package.  Hazmat fees apply to all orders of five gallons or more; these fees are included in the shipping price quoted at checkout. 

All orders require an adult (21 years or older) signature at time of delivery.

At this time, there is no way to deliver five-gallon orders without a signature at the time of delivery. 


Bulk orders may be shipped via common carrier as freight, depending on destination location and order size.  Learn more about shipping freight here.

Culinary Solvent quart gallon 5 gallon packaging


When you buy food grade ethanol from Culinary Solvent it ships in recyclable materials and packaging

All orders ship using new containers, new boxes, and new packing materials that are fully recyclable and sourced with ecological sustainability in mind.


Adult Signature is Required for Delivery of Culinary Solvent

All orders shipped from CulinarySolvent.com will require the signature of an adult over the age of 21 for successful delivery.  Upon signing for the delivery, customers acknowledge that this product must be kept out of reach of children and that adequate care should be observed in the use, storage, and application of food grade ethanol. 

Shipping Culinary Solvent without an "Adult Signature Required" at delivery.

View our blog post [here] for instructions on how to ship your order without requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.

How to Track Delivery Progress

You will get a tracking number for your chosen carrier via email once your order is fulfilled (i.e., packed and picked up by the carrier).  You can also check the status using our live chat.



Order Processing and Fulfillment Time 

Orders of pints, quarts, gallons, and five-gallon jugs (in non-bulk quantities) will be processed and fulfilled within one business day of placing your order To give you an idea as to what this means, if you place your order Monday, it will be processed and fulfilled -- packed up and scheduled to be picked up by your selected carrier -- by Tuesday morning, depending on what time you place your order; if you place your order on Friday, it will be shipped out no later than Monday, depending on what time you place your order.  Typically orders placed in the early morning (keeping in mind our location in Maine, i.e., Eastern Standard Time (EST)) will be fulfilled the same day they are place.  In general, any orders placed after 9 AM EST will not be packaged up until the next day.

Bulk orders may require additional time to process depending on production and availability.  Get in touch directly to inquire on bulk fulfillment times.

For all orders above, delivery times vary and will be dependent on the carrier.  You can use the tracking number provided to you to know your estimated delivery time and date. 

Please note: we are a small team. Although we strive to maintain the processing and fulfillment times above, extenuating circumstances can happen.  Also, please be aware that carrier delays (delays on the part of the carrier chosen for your order, i.e., FedEx or UPS), such as weather, staffing, availability of drivers, failure of the carrier to pick up shipments from our distillery, or other circumstances, are unfortunately not within our control.  If you have a question or are concerned about the status of your order, please feel free to contact us

Changing the Delivery Address After Placing an Order

Depending on the type of package in transit (ORM-D or hazmat), method used to ship, and where the package is in transit, it is possible to change the address after your order has shipped.  

Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

Orders of pints, quarts, and single gallons can usually be modified after the order has been shipped.  Changes to the destination address must be made by the shipper (that's us).  If you wish to change your address after shipment, reply to your order confirmation email.  Alternatively, you may contact us via phone or the online form.  Please have your order number and tracking information available. 

Five-Gallon Jugs

Five-gallon jugs are shipped hazmat and, therefore, are not able to be modified once the order has shipped.  If you need more assistance with modifying your hazmat order, contact us directly or reply to your order confirmation email.


Bulk orders shipped via freight can be modified mid-shipment similar to pints, quarts, and gallon orders.  Changes to the destination address must be made by the shipper (that's us).  If you wish to change your address after shipment, reply to your order confirmation email.  Alternatively, you may contact us via phone or the online form.  Please have your order number and tracking information available.  Please note: changes to freight destination may incur added transportation fees by the freight company.  Customer is responsible for fees charged by transportation company. 

Please note: changing or modifying the shipping address may add one to two days to the original delivery estimate for your order.  As the shipment approaches its final destination, changes to the destination address may not be possible.  In this case, if you are unable to retrieve your package from the destination to which it was shipped, your order may need to be reshipped, which can incur additional freight and restocking fees.  The payment of these fees is the receiver's (customer's) responsibility. 

1 Business-Day Processing
Orders Ship Fast

Via FedEx Ground, and UPS Ground to commercial and residential addresses. Weekend delivery available via FedEx Home. Real-time tracking with delivery confirmation.

About Picking Up Your Order at the Distillery

Local Maine customers have the option at checkout to choose "Pickup at Distillery" as their shipping option at checkout.

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Understanding Permits (and if you need one)

Shipping food grade ethanol daily to most states without a permit. View our map of states that need additional steps after checkout.

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Adult Signature Release Form

All orders ship requiring the signature of an adult over the age of 21 at delivery. If you won't be home to sign, learn about our signature release form here.

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