200 Proof Collection Description

Culinary Solvent is pure, 200 proof, food grade ethanol.  Our 200 Proof USDA Certified Organic Alcohol is inspected and certified by MOFGA.org.

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What Is 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol?

"200 proof food grade ethanol", also known as pure ethyl alcohol, represents the highest purity level of ethanol available, with a composition of 100% alcohol and no water content. This classification ensures that it meets stringent food safety and quality standards, making it safe for consumption and ideal for a wide range of applications from culinary uses like flavor extraction and food preservation to pharmaceutical and laboratory applications, food grade ethanol's versatility and utility is unsurpassed.

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200 Proof? Ethanol vs Ethyl Alcohol? Food Grade vs Undenatured?

  • 200 Proof: This term, always rounded up from not more than 0.04%, means "100% alcohol", however alone does not signify "100% ethanol".  Always read the label and online listing to ensure that your 200 proof product contains only "ethyl alcohol", and does not list any additives representing any other percentage in the solution. 
    Good to Know:  Culinary Solvent 200 Proof contains only ethyl alcohol (99.97%-99.9%) and zero additives.
  • Ethanol vs Ethyl Alcohol: Ethyl alcohol is the proper chemical term for the alcohol generally regarded as safe for consumption and topical application.  Ethanol is common term always representing "ethyl alcohol".  "Alcohol" is a term that can represent "ethanol", but also "isopropyl" (rubbing alcohol), "methanol", or blends of many different alcohols. 
    Good to Know:  Culinary Solvent contains only pure Ethyl Alcohol, and offers no varieties with additives or other alcohol blends for confidence every time.
  • Food Grade vs Undenatured:  Both terms mean "Contains zero additives" and is the opposite of "denatured" alcohol.  "Food Grade Ethanol" is always undenatured alcohol.  Alcohol labeled as "Food Grade" adheres to strict materials and food process steps. 
    Good to Know: Culinary Solvent 200 proof Food Grade Ethanol is safe for skin and body.

Alcohol terminology can be complex, and sometimes misleading, potentially resulting in dangerous outcomes. For a better understanding of the different terms used when buying pure alcohol for tinctures, baking, extracts, perfume, shellac, or more explore our "Everything to know about Food Grade Alcohol page to gain expert-level status on these various industry terms.