How to obtain your Virginia "Industrial Alcohol Permit" Walkthrough Tutorial

Updated 12/19/22 by Joshua Hopkins

The State of Virginia requires individuals and businesses to obtain a permit for the purchase and import of nondenatured food grade ethanol, including Culinary Solvent.  Use this page as a guide to completing the permit process to purchase food grade alcohol in Virginia.  

Virginia Permit to Purchase Alcohol Basic Requirements

  • Who must complete this form:  Any person or business who wishes to purchase food grade alcohol.
  • Initial License Fee: $50
  • Renewal Frequency: Yearly
  • Renewal Fee: $50
  • Approximate Time to Complete All Forms:  5 minutes
  • Approximate Wait Time After Form Submission:  1-5 Business Days


State Authority Information

Use the following information to contact the agency in Virginia that regulates food grade ethanol permits and approvals:

  • Issuing Authority: Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority
  • Issuing Authority URL:
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 3250, Mechanicsville VA 23116
  • Phone: 804-213-4400

Virginia Permit to Purchase Alcohol Walkthrough

Follow these steps to complete the Virginia license process:​


1. Go to From the top navigation Click “Licenses”, Click “VAL System”, Click “Onboarding”.    Follow the instructions to log in to the VAL system. If you are an existing licensee with Virginia ABC, access VAL using your existing Virginia ABC login. If you are a new licensee with Virginia ABC, you can begin using the system as soon as you create an account.


2. After you create your account, follow the system’s prompts to create your permit application and pay required fees. Note: If you are an individual and not a business, you do not need to fill in the business fields or any field not marked as required.


3. Before submitting your application, please consider your needs carefully to cover all the alcohol and/or alcoholic beverages you expect to use for the entire year so that it will not be necessary to issue additional permits during the year. Your authenticated copy of the permit will be emailed to you as promptly as possible so you can make your withdrawals for 2023.


All done!  Upon approval, the agency listed above will issue your permit to you.  Follow the steps below to complete your purchase of Culinary Solvent.

NOTE: The Virginia General Assembly approved a new payment schedule effective in 2022.  Industrial permits now require an annual application payment of $50.00, then a permit fee of $50.00 for non-exempt organizations (exempt organizations include: US government agency, charitable organization, or Virginia public university)

Additional help can be found in the tutorial located at

Steps After Permit Approval

Send us your permit:  Email a copy of your approved permit to

Place your order: Use the secure online storefront at to select your product and enter your payment details.

Below is an example of an approved permit: