Walkthrough: Obtain Your Permit for Buying Food Grade Ethanol in Vermont

Sample and Blank Form Downloads

Vermont Alcohol Regulatory Authority

Steps to Complete Your Vermont Permit to Purchase Alcohol Form

Step 1: Download the Application for Permit to Purchase Alcohol using the link provided above.

Vermont Permit Step 2

Step 2: Enter your business name, address, and email address. 

Vermont Permit Step 3

Step 3: Enter the amount of food grade ethanol you will need and then the purpose for which it is to be used.

Vermont Permit Step 4

Step 4: Enter the address of the location where the alcohol will be used.  Then, enter the period of time you estimate (does not need to be exact) this volume of alcohol will last.

Vermont Permit Step 5

Step 5: Answer “Yes” to the question: “Do you desire to purchase alcohol direct from the manufacturer, distiller, or wholesaler?”

Step 6: Enter in the name and address of the vendor (for example: The Northern Maine Distilling Company, 55 Baker Blvd., Suite 22., Brewer, ME 04412). 

Vermont Permit Step 7

Step 7: Enter the location and date you are filling out the application.  Then enter the name of the Authorized Agent.  NOTE: the name of the Authorized Agent listed must match the name of the person ordering the ethanol.

Step 8: E-mail the completed application to DLC.enflic@vermont.gov and await approval.

Step 9: Upon approval email your approved permit to service@culinarysolvent.com

Step 10: Complete your purchase for food grade ethanol at culinarysolvent.com

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