Walkthrough: Obtain Your Permit for Buying Food Grade Ethanol in Oklahoma

Sample and Blank Form Downloads

Oklahoma Alcohol Regulatory Authority

Steps to Complete Your Oklahoma Industrial License Form

Note: You can fill out this form and mail it to the address at the top or fill out an application through their licensing portal here: https://aca-prod.accela.com/ABLE/Login.aspx

Step 1: Download a blank copy of the Industrial License using the link provided above.  You can print out this form to fill and mail. 

Step 2: Fill out your individual or business name and information.




Step 3: Next, check the "individual" button if you are purchasing for yourself.  If you are purchasing as a business, choose the correct business type.  Individuals will need to enter their name and SSN.  Businesses will need the applicant to enter their name and SSN in addition to your business name and FEIN.




Step 4: The applicant will need to enter their information here again.




Step 3: At the bottom of the application, print your name in the paragraph and then sign and date the application.






Step 7: Mail the application with your license fee to Oklahoma ABLE Commission, 3812 N. Santa Fe, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
(license fees may be paid by cash, cashier check, money order, or personal check). 

Step 8: Receive back your approved permit via mail.  Allow 30 days for processing.  If it has been 31 days and you have not yet received a response, inquiries can be made to (405) 521-3484, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time. 

Step 9: Send us a copy of your approved permit to service@culinarysolvent.com.

Step 10: Return to https://CulinarySolvent.com and place your order for 200 proof food grade ethanol.


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