How to obtain your Idaho "Special Alcohol Permit" Walkthrough Tutorial

The State of Idaho requires individuals and businesses to obtain a permit for the purchase and import of nondenatured food grade ethanol, including Culinary Solvent.  Use this page as a guide to completing the permit process to purchase food grade alcohol in Idaho.  
  • Who must complete this form:  Any business of Idaho who wishes to purchase high proof ethyl alcohol must first obtain a Special Alcohol Application to Purchase High Proof Ethyl Alcohol.
  • Initial License Fee: $0
  • Renewal Frequency: Annually by December 31st of every year
  • Renewal Fee: $0
  • Approximate Time to Complete All Forms:  5 minutes, 1 Form
  • Approximate Wait Time After Form Submission:  7-14 Days

Blank Form Downloads

Idaho Special Alcohol Permit (PDF Download)

State Authority Information

  • Issuing Authority: Idaho State Liquor Division
  • Issuing Authority URL:
  • E-mail:
  • Mailing Address: Idaho State Liquor Division Administrative Office, 1349 E. Beechcraft Ct., Boise, ID 83716
  • Phone:  (208) 884-7060

Follow these steps to complete the Idaho license process:​

Step 1:  Download a blank copy of the Special Alcohol Application to Purchase High Proof Ethyl Alcohol using the link provided at the top of the page.  You can fill out this form electronically in your browser, or print and complete by hand.

Idaho Permit Step 2

Step 2: Enter the date you are filling out the application. Then enter your name and contact person. If you are the contact person you will leave that field blank.

Idaho Permit Step 3

Step 3: Fill in your business information. First enter your business name and then shipping and mailing address. If your mailing address is the same as shipping you still need to fill out both fields. 

Idaho Permit Step 4

Step 4: Fill out the rest of your business information. Enter your business phone and email. Then enter your state sales/use tax permit number for your business.

Idaho Permit Step 6

Step 5: Describe your business, what you will use high proof ethyl alcohol for, and the specific use of what you make with it.

Idaho Permit Step 6

Step 6: Enter the total amount of alcohol you estimate you will need until December 31st. Then state whether you are going to purchase 190 proof alcohol, 200 proof alcohol, or both.

Step 7: Email your application to:

Step 8: Receive back your approved permit.  Allow 7-14 days for processing.  If it's has been 3 weeks and you have not yet received a response, inquiries can be made to (208) 884-7060 Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time. 

If there is a problem with your application you will receive an email detailing the issue and suggested corrective measures.

All done!  Upon approval, the agency listed above will issue your permit to the email address used on your application.  Follow the steps below to complete your purchase of Culinary Solvent.

Steps After Permit Approval

Send us your permit:  Email a copy of your approved permit to

Place your order: Use the secure online storefront at to select your product and enter your payment details.