January Discount Code Special - Save 11% on Pints, Quarts, Gallons, and individual 5 gallon jugs

Why 11%? Because 11 is better than 10...

Save 11% at checkout with code "SAVE11"  

Use code "SAVE11" to save 11% at checkout on all pints, quarts, gallons, and individual 5 gallon jugs of Culinary Solvent food grade ethanol. 

Details, Expiration, and Exclusions

Applies to all organic and conventional varieties of our 200 proof food grade ethanol.  This discount code expires 1/31/24.  This discount does not apply to bulk-jug-bundles (10 gallons and more) or 55-gallon drum products listed here.  This discount does not apply to 190 proof orders.  All prices include Federal Excise Tax.  Customer must enter code at checkout to apply discount to order.

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