Alcohol for Camp Stoves

What is alcohol for camp stoves?

Culinary Solvent is pure nondenatured ethanol, perfect for camp stoves and boat stoves.

Can Culinary Solvent be used for alcohol stoves?

Yes. Culinary Solvent works in small alcohol stoves designed for lightweight hiking, backpacking, cycling, biking, camping, boating, yachting, or traveling. Works with trangia stoves, boat stoves, camping stoves, alcohol burner stoves, laboratory burners, and marine alcohol stoves.  Culinary Solvent works well in Trangia Spirit Burner, Whitbox Alcohol burner, Vargo Triad, Trail Designs Caldera Cone, Evernew Alcohol Stove, Solo Stove Alcohol Stove, GoBag Alcohol Burner, and DIY Soda Can Alcohol Stoves.

What is an alcohol stove?

An alcohol stove is any stove that uses alcohol as its fuel source.  Alcohol stoves range from very simple single flame designs to pressurized designs that resemble a home gas burner.  Because of their relative simplicity, alcohol stoves are favored by back packers, campers, boaters, and travelers.

How do camp stoves use alcohol as fuel?

Alcohol stoves use alcohol by burning it for heat and light.  The heat can be directed and concentrated by design of the stove.  Alcohol stoves do not require a wick to function, and many alcohol stoves have no moving parts.    

Why use Culinary Solvent Nondenatured Ethanol as your alcohol stove fuel source?

Culinary Solvent is nondenatured, meaning "no additives".  For this reason, Culinary Solvent is naturally nontoxic, making it the ultimate food safe multi-purpose tool in your backpack.  Not only can Culinary Solvent's nondenatured alcohol burn perfectly in an alcohol camp stove.  The ultimate light weight traveling multi-tool, nondenatured alcohol has a multitude of useful applications when not being burned as fuel.

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