Lavender Lullaby: A DIY Ethyl Alcohol-Based Perfume for Tranquility

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The art of creating your own perfume is not only enjoyable, but it can also immerse you in a sensory experience like no other. If you're looking for a peaceful and calming aroma to wind down at the end of a hectic day, the Lavender Lullaby DIY perfume will be your perfect partner.

Featuring the soothing aroma of lavender, subtly enhanced by geranium and chamomile undertones, this perfume will serve as a calming cocoon, promoting relaxation and decompression. Best of all, it's created using 100% ethyl alcohol from and water, ensuring a safe, chemical-free alternative to industrially produced perfumes.

Materials Needed:

  1. 100% ethyl alcohol from
  2. Distilled Water
  3. Lavender Essential Oil
  4. Geranium Essential Oil
  5. Chamomile Essential Oil
  6. Glass dropper
  7. Perfume bottle

The Lavender Lullaby Recipe:

  1. Lavender Essential Oil: For the relaxing main note, we'll use lavender. This will form the heart of our perfume. Use 10 drops.
  2. Geranium Essential Oil: A sweet and floral touch that subtly complements the lavender. Use 6 drops.
  3. Chamomile Essential Oil: An earthy, calming scent that brings depth to our perfume and completes the tranquil effect. Use 4 drops.

With a 30ml perfume volume, our aromatic compounds (essential oils) will make up around 9ml. In drop measurements, the 10 drops of lavender, 6 drops of geranium, and 4 drops of chamomile equate to approximately 0.9ml.

The remaining 20.1ml will be our blend of water and ethyl alcohol. This mix will help carry and enhance our tranquil scent.

  1. 100% Ethyl Alcohol from Use 16ml.
  2. Distilled Water: Use 4.1ml.

Steps to Create Your Perfume:

  1. Start by adding your essential oils to your perfume bottle using a glass dropper.
  2. Pour in the ethyl alcohol, ensuring it mixes well with the oils.
  3. Add the distilled water to finalize your mixture.
  4. Secure your perfume bottle and gently shake to blend all the ingredients together.
  5. Allow your perfume to rest for at least 48 hours. This maturity period allows the aroma to fully develop, culminating in a more harmonious and balanced fragrance.

With your Lavender Lullaby perfume in hand, you now have a unique scent crafted with your own hands, an embodiment of creativity, health, wellness, and integrity. This soothing aroma will be your perfect partner for relaxation after a long day.

Experiment with the measurements and find your personal scent. Enjoy the process of creating your own signature fragrance!

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