Floral Fantasia: A DIY Ethyl Alcohol-Based Perfume Recipe

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Let's journey into the enchanting world of floral fragrances with our Floral Fantasia perfume recipe. This feminine blend of rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang essential oils creates a soft, romantic aroma that's perfect for dates and special occasions.

Crafting your own perfume not only offers an exciting creative outlet, but it also allows you to bypass the synthetic chemicals typically found in commercial perfumes. With 100% ethyl alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com as the base, you have a safe, reliable alternative to commonly used denatured alcohol blends.

Materials Needed:

  1. 100% Ethyl Alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com
  2. Distilled Water
  3. Rose Essential Oil
  4. Jasmine Essential Oil
  5. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
  6. Glass Dropper
  7. Perfume Bottle

Floral Fantasia Recipe:

  1. Rose Essential Oil: The queen of flowers, rose oil brings a classic, rich scent to our mix. Use 10 drops.
  2. Jasmine Essential Oil: With its intensely floral, warm, and exotic aroma, jasmine oil enhances the fragrance's sophistication. Use 10 drops.
  3. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: Known for its sweet, slightly fruity scent, ylang-ylang adds an alluring depth to the blend. Use 10 drops.

These 30 drops of essential oils (approximately 1.5ml) make up about 5% of the total volume in a 30ml perfume. The remaining volume (28.5ml) should be a mix of ethyl alcohol and water.

  1. 100% Ethyl Alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com: This forms the base of your perfume. Use 21ml.
  2. Distilled Water: This dilutes the alcohol and essential oils, ensuring a balanced fragrance. Use 7.5ml.

Steps to Create Your Perfume:

  1. Use the glass dropper to add each essential oil into your perfume bottle.
  2. Add the 100% ethyl alcohol to the mixture.
  3. Complete the mix with the distilled water.
  4. Gently shake the bottle to thoroughly combine the ingredients.
  5. Allow your perfume to rest for at least 48 hours. This period lets the scent mature and blend together harmoniously.

Your Floral Fantasia perfume is now ready to charm! This feminine and romantic scent, crafted with your own hands, captures your values and creative spirit. Remember, you can always tweak the quantities to suit your personal preferences, adding a unique touch to your signature scent.

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