About Organic Food Grade Alcohol

Organic food grade ethanol from organic corn - Culinary Solvent

What is Organic Food Grade Ethanol?

  • Organic Culinary Solvent is available in 190 Proof (95% Alcohol) and 200 proof (100% Ethyl Alcohol).
  • Ethanol Distilled from Organic Non-GMO Corn.
  • A Non-GMO product.
  • Federal Excise Tax is included. No surprise charges at checkout!
  • ​Ships direct from the distillery in Brewer, Maine, USA.
  • Nondenatured Ethanol. No additives, a food safe product.
  • What is food grade ethanol used for?

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Certified Organic by M.O.F.G.A. Food Grade Alcohol.

Culinary Solvent food grade 190 proof and 200 proof ethanol is certified organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Grower's Association - MOFGA.org

Request a copy of our current organic certification, renewed annually, here.

No Permit Required to Buy or Ship to Most States

Organic food grade ethanol is permitted to be sold and shipped to a majority of US states including California, Maine, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.  View our complete lists of State food grade 190 proof alcohol and 200 proof ethanol rules and regulations. 

Ships to California Home and Business Addresses

Yes. Culinary Solvent is a safe "Nonvolatile Solvent", fully meeting the requirements for California Level 1 Manufacturers (M1 license) in accordance with California Code of Regulations Title 17.

It's about the people.

"Who" & "Where" your food grade ethanol comes from matters.  We are the Northern Maine Distilling Company.  Read more about the family owned operation that distills Culinary Solvent in Northern Maine.

The people that make Culinary Solvenet