About Organic Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces

Eliminate harmful overpowered chemicals and artificial unnatural scents from your cleaning solution.  Food grade alcohol is a safe and powerful natural disinfectant.  Surfaces cleaned with food grade alcohol are disinfected naturally and safely.  Organic food grade alcohol is the ultimate organic food safe cleaning product.  
  • Food grade alcohol is safe to use in contact with skin.  Safe for use as a mouthwash, deodorant or other personal care item.  
  • Safe for use in contact with stainless steel, copper, granite, marble, stone, glass, quartz, most all composites and most all plastics.  
  • Will dissolve the oils out of wood, use caution when cleaning surfaces that are porous or especially old.
  • Ideal food safe solvent for cleaning delicate instruments, equipment, or glassware.
  • Organic food grade alcohol offers a sterilization solution for parts and surfaces that maintains organic certification throughout the entire process.  Browse our selection of organic food grade ethanol here.

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