Is Sales Tax Calculated in Maine?

Yes, we collect sales tax for orders in Maine. If you are sales tax exempt please follow the instructions at the link below.


If you would like to place an order with tax exemption please follow these steps:


Step 1: Make an account on

Step 2: Before you place an order email us your Maine Resale Certificate to This is not the same as a "Retail Certificate". For more information see the bottom of this post.

Step 3:  We will modify your account to become sales tax exempt. Please wait until we have emailed you to confirm the account has been updated and then place your order. 

All done! You will be able to place an order without sales tax added and we will ship your order promptly.


Maine Resale Certificate vs. Retail Certificate

Below you will see example images of the correct certificate that we need versus the certificate that is sometimes confused to be the correct one.

Maine Resale Certificate: (Correct)


Maine Retail Certificate: (Incorrect)



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