How to obtain your West Virginia "Ethyl Alcohol License" Walkthrough Tutorial

The State of West Virginia requires individuals and businesses to obtain a permit for the purchase and import of nondenatured food grade ethanol, including Culinary Solvent.  Use this page as a guide to completing the permit process to purchase food grade alcohol in West Virginia.  

  • Who must complete this form:  Any business of West Virginia who wishes to purchase ethyl alcohol must first obtain an Ethyl Alcohol License (Form ABCC-MUD-APPETHYL).
  • View West Virginia's Rules and Regulations
  • Initial License Fee: $50
  • Renewal Frequency: Annually by January 1st 
  • Renewal Fee: $50
  • Approximate Time to Complete All Forms:  10 minutes
  • Record keeping requirements: ABC Form 139 must be prepared and transmitted on or before the 10th day of the succeeding month by the holder of the license to purchase and use ethyl alcohol.

Blank Form Downloads

State Authority Information

Follow these steps to complete the West Virginia Ethyl Alcohol License application process:

Step 1: Download the Ethyl Alcohol License Application (Form ABCC-MUD-APPETHYL) using the link provided above.


​Step 2: Fill out your business information:

  1. Enter your business name.
  2. Enter the Federal Employer ID Number.
  3. Enter your "Doing Business As" name. If it is not different from your business name, copy field 1.
  4. Enter your business telephone number.
  5. Enter your business physical address.
  6. Enter your business mailing address. If it is not different from your physical address, copy field 5​

Step 3: Check the box labeled "Industrial"


Step 4: Check the box appropriate for your business type. Next enter your business e-mail.  Then enter the name and telephone number of the person who will be signing any Ethyl Alcohol Order forms.


Step 5: Explain the purpose for which you will use the ethyl alcohol. Then list the name and address of the vendor you will purchase from.


Step 6: Enter West Virginia as the state and then the County in which your business resides. Read the instructions for signing and make sure the appropriate individuals/partners/members sign and list their titles.


Step 7: Have a Notary Public sign and apply their seal on the application.

Step 8: Remember to enclose the proper fee ($50) with this application. Acceptable forms of payment for permit fees are: Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, or Money Order. Fees are made payable to: West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, 4th Floor Charleston, WV 25302. 

Step 9: Mail completed application with the fee to: West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, 4th Floor Charleston, WV 25302.

Step 10: Receive back your approved permit via mail.  If it's has been 30 days and you have not yet received a response, inquiries can be made to (304) 356-5500 Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. 

Step 11​:  Once the license is granted to you, you will submit an order using ABC FORM 12 to the West Virginia ABC Commissioner who will then forward an approved order to the vendor to fulfill. See instructions on How to Complete ABC Form 12.