The Power of Food Grade Alcohol in Perfume Making: How 200 Proof Ethanol Enhances Your Fragrance Creations

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The base of your DIY perfume plays a crucial role in determining the quality and longevity of your fragrance. Using a high-quality solvent, such as 200 proof food grade alcohol, can greatly enhance your perfume creations. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of using food grade alcohol in perfume making and how it can help you achieve professional-grade scents.

 Why Choose 200 Proof Food Grade Alcohol?

  1. Purity: 200 proof food grade alcohol, like Culinary Solvent, is a highly pure and non-denatured ethanol. This means it's free of additives and impurities that can alter or dilute the fragrance of your perfume.
  1. Evaporation Rate: The high evaporation rate of 200 proof alcohol allows the aromatic compounds to shine and ensures your perfume dries quickly when applied to the skin, leaving behind a lasting scent.
  1. Solubility: Food grade alcohol is an excellent solvent for a wide range of aromatic compounds, ensuring your fragrance ingredients blend seamlessly together.
  1. Preservation: Alcohol acts as a natural preservative, helping to extend the shelf life of your DIY perfume.

 Incorporating Food Grade Alcohol in Your Perfume Creations:

 Using 200 proof food grade alcohol in your perfume making is simple. Blend your chosen aromatic ingredients, and then add the alcohol as the base. Allow the mixture to age for a few weeks to ensure the scents meld together beautifully.

 Ready to experience the power of food grade alcohol in your fragrance creations? Choose 200 proof food grade alcohol from for your next perfume making project. Its high-quality, non-denatured formula is perfect for artisans and hobbyists alike who want to craft exceptional scents.

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