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Walkthrough: Obtain Your Permit for Buying 200 Proof Alcohol in Nevada
Sample and Blank Form Downloads LT19 - Permissible Person's Permit, Blank (PDF Download) Nevada Alcohol Regulatory Authority Issuing Authority: Nevada Department of Taxation Issuing Authority Website: Mailing Address: 1550 E College Parkway Carson City NV 89706 Phone:  (775) 684-2126 Email:  Steps to...
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Walkthrough: Obtain Your Permit for Buying 200 Proof Alcohol in Minnesota
Sample and Blank Form Downloads Minnesota_Application_for_Permit_to_Purchase_Ethyl_Alcohol (PDF Download) Minnesota Alcohol Regulatory Authority Issuing Authority: Minnesota Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Website: Mailing Address: Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, 445 Minnesota Street (Skyway level), St. Paul, MN 55101-2156 Phone:  (651) 201-7511 Steps to Complete Your Permit...
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Food Grade Ethanol unable to ship to Kansas
Updated: March 2024 Kansas' laws and regulations on Undenatured food grade ethanol, which regulate the import and sale of food grade ethanol for Kansas residents, do allow for the sale of food grade ethanol; however, due to additional regulations and registration steps, order fulfillment is not possible at this...
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