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About Shipping and Receiving Your Order from CulinarySolvent.com

How to receive an ethanol delivery - Culinary Solvent

Quick Link: Download Adult Signature Release Form here.

Buying pure food grade ethyl alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com is quick and easy.  Shipping ethanol in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern such requires that certain guidelines are met to ensure safe and reliable delivery.  Use the information and tips on this page to guide your purchase experience through to delivery.

About Shipping Culinary Solvent

Can food grade ethanol ship to my address?

The answer to this question will depend on where you wish to receive your order of food grade ethanol.  Every state has its own set of rules, exceptions, allowances, and (sometimes) prohibitions.  For this reason, we're unable to give a blanket "yes" or "no" answer. 

Luckily, our team of experts have read all of the rules for every state in the US, built a database detailing who-what-where-when-and-why the rules allow or prohibit such use.  If your state requires a permit first, we've gone ahead and created easy to follow walk throughs for each permit so that you can get them submitted correctly the first time.

To ensure we can ship to you before ordering, view our map page with links for each state's rules and regulations.  If your state requires a permit, links to blank PDF downloads and step-by-step guides will help get it done fast.  

Map of states we currently ship to


How do orders from CulinarySolvent.com ship?

  • Pints, Quart, Gallons ship via common carrier as ORM-D, which stands for "Other Regulated Materials".   All orders ship requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.  See information on this page for more information on adult signature requirments at delivery.
  • 5 Gallon Jugs ship via common carrier as "HazMat" due to the weight and volume of flammable material contained within.  All HazMat orders ship requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.  
  • Bulk orders may be shipped via common carrier via freight depending on destination location and order size.

All orders ship using new containers, new boxes, and new packing materials which are all fully recyclable and sourced with ecological sustainability in mind.

Culinary Solvent ships using recycled materials and packaging

Adult Signature is Required for Delivery of Culinary Solvent

All orders shipped from CulinarySolvent.com will require the signature of an adult over the age of 21.  Upon signing for the delivery, customers acknowledge that this product must be kept out of reach of children, and that adequate care should be observed in the use, storage, and application of their food grade ethanol. 

Shipping Culinary Solvent without an "Adult Signature Required" at time of Delivery

Customers who understand the rules and regulations of their locality, and wish to release the package for delivery without requiring an adult signature may use the form linked below to provide Culinary Solvent with a copy of their government issued ID.  Upon review and verification, customers who complete this step may order Culinary Solvent without requiring an adult signature at time of delivery. 
Please note: Orders shipped as "HazMat" (5 gallon jugs) always require a signature at delivery, and we are unable to remove the requirement at this time.

Download the Signature Release form here (PDF).  Instructions on how to complete and submit included in PDF.  

Can customers schedule their own freight pickup?

Yes, we are able to accommodate customers who would like to schedule their own freight service for bulk orders greater than 20 gallons.  Please use the Contact Form to request to have your own freight company pickup your order at the distillery in Brewer.  Orders shipped via other freight company must meet minimum requirments and be able to receive and transport hazardous material.  In the event that a requested 3rd party carrier cannot provide adequate service as determined by our team, we reserve the right to ship using our approved carriers. Unless otherwise specified in writing, customer is responsible for all freight charges that may result in delivery of their order to their final destination.

Can CulinarySolvent.com orders be picked up at the distillery?

Yes.  While we do not currently operate a retail location at the distillery, we do offer customer pickup appointments by availability for all sizes, no bulk minimum purchase required.  If you wish to save on shipping and pick you order up locally, choose "Pickup At Distillery" as your shipping option at checkout, and follow the directions in your order confirmation email to schedule your preferred pickup time.  Please note, due to the rules and regulations governing the sale and shipment of food grade ethanol, customers requesting a pickup appointment must reside in a state we are allowed to ship to, see our map with permit requirments for more information.  

Can Culinary Solvent ship to a PO Box?

No. Because orders ship requiring the signature of an adult over 21 at time of drop off, coupled with the flammable nature of the product being shipping, orders may not be sent to a post office box at this time.  Orders must be shipped to a physical address where someone can sign to receive the delivery.

Can Culinary Solvent ship to a "mailbox store" where I rent a mailbox.

Typically, yes.  Destinations like the UPS store or Mailboxes Etc, where a physically present staff member is available to receive the package at time of delivery, is permitted so long as the recipient is allowed to receive and hold items shipped as ORM-D or HazMat.  Before choosing a mailbox store as your destination, please contact your provided to ensure their policies permit receiving items shipped a ORM-D or HazMat.  In the event the receiving party does not accept ORM- D or HazMat items, the delivery will be refused and shipped back to the sender, see our returns and refund policy for more information on returned orders due to destination refusal.

Can Culinary Solvent be "Held at a FedEx location" for pickup?

No. While some carriers offer the service of holding at a nearby location for certain types of packages, items shipped as ORM-D or HazMat like Culinary Solvent are no longer eligible to be held at an authorized location (often times a Rite Aid or Walgreen's Pharmacy in your neighborhood).  This is due to a rule change by the Department of Transportation that went into effect December 31st, 2019. 
Please note, that entering a drop off location at checkout will not result in an error at checkout, but your order will be refused at the time of delivery, and your order may be subject to return and restocking fees, please see our Return and Refund Policy for more information.  When in doubt, reach out.  

Can food grade ethanol orders ship with expedited shipping (Overnight or Next-Day air)?

No.  Due to Department of Transportation rules and limitations, including those stated in 49 CFR Part 173, all orders of Culinary Solvent must ship via ground service only.  This prohibition on shipping methods prevents us from sending your order via air plane or other means that may offer faster than ground service. 

How to track an order's delivery progress?

You will get a tracking number via email once your order is fulfilled (packed and picked up by the delivery person).

Does Culinary Solvent ship to a residential addresses?

Yes. Culinary Solvent ships to residential addresses via FedEx Home or UPS ground.  FedEx Home will attempt delivery on weekends to most locations.

Does Culinary Solvent ship to commercial and industrial addresses?

Yes.  Culinary Solvent ships to commercial and industrial addresses via FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, FedEx Freight, or local freight carrier.  Orders shipped freight require a loading dock of sufficient height for a truck to back into and unload.  Due to the weight of bulk orders, delivery to commercial destination without a loading dock will require the truck to return with different equipment to lower down the pallet to the ground (lift gate service), and may be subject to additional delivery delays or fees imparted by the freight company.  Customers are responsible for additional fees placed by freight carrier if destination address is different from that described at checkout.  If you do not have a loading dock, please indicate requiring a lift gate service when selecting freight option at checkout.  Lift gate service lowers the pallet to the ground for easy delivery and typically adds approximatly $50 to the cost of transport. Read more about reshipment fees and added freight charges

About Receiving Culinary Solvent

It is our goal to fulfill all orders of Culinary Solvent within 1 business day after placing your order.  As of the writing of this blog post, our average processing time for the last 12 months was 17 hours from time of order!  Use the tips below for receiving your order to streamline the delivery portion of your order experience.  

Can orders ship to a different address (other than the billing address)?

Yes.  So long as the destination state allows for such, customers may dictate a different shipping location where their order will be sent.  If you want to change your shipping address after order is fulfilled, read more below.

Do I have to be home to receive my order?

All orders ship requiring the signature of an adult at time of delivery.  If you won't be available to receive your order, use the tips on this page as alternatives, or complete the Adult Signature Release Form to request your order be shipped without requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.

Download the Signature Release form here (PDF).  Instructions on how to complete and submit included in PDF.

How to change shipping address after order shipped?

Changing the destination address once the order has shipped is possible depending on the volume in transit, the method used to ship, and where in relation to delivery the shipment exists when changes are requested.  Read more below to find out how to change your shipping address depending on the size of the order placed.  Please note that modifying shipping address may add 1-2 days to the original delivery estimate for your order.  As the shipment approaches its final destination, changes to the destination address may may not be possible, and may require a reshipment of the order with additional freight and restocking fees that must be covered by the customer before the order is reshipped.

  • Pints, Quarts, Gallons can be modified after the order has been shipped. Changes to the destination address must be made by the shipper (that's us).  If you wish to change your address after shipment, reply to your order confirmation email, or use the Contact Us form. Please include your order number and updated shipping address in your request.
  • 5 Gallon Jugs shipped HazMat are not able to be modified once the order has shipped.  If you need more assistance with modifying your hazmat order, Contact Us directly using the webform, or reply to your order confirmation email.
  • Bulk orders shipped via Freight can be modified mid-shipment similar to pints, quarts, and gallon orders.  Follow instructions in the above paragraph to request your changes.  Please note, changes to freight destination may incur added transportation fees by the freight company. Customer will be required to cover these added charges if the cost of transportation increases due to changes requested after shipment. 

Orders that are "Returned to Sender" (us) due to customer refusal at time of delivery may be subject to additional fees covering cost of return shipment back as well as restocking fees. See our Returns and Refund Policy for more information.

Can orders be delivered on a specific day of the week?

Typically, Yes.  While we are unable to specify a specific delivery date when shipping orders, we are able to time our fulfillment within the best of our ability so that your order arrives on or after your required date.  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a delivery date, however can get very close to the request, as long as we are made aware before the item is fulfilled.  To request a certain delivery window please use our Contact Form before your order is placed so that we can provide a realistic estimate on our ability meet your needs.  Please note: Once an order is shipped, customers may contact the carrier independently using their tracking number to request that the package be held in their distribution center temporarily.  Because all destinations differ, the ability to hold and delay delivery is case-by-case and must be requested by the receiver (that's you).

How to cancel an order from CulinarySolvent.com?

Canceling orders is easy if the item hasn't shipped yet, however becomes more complicated if the item is already enroute to its destination.  If you just placed your order (less than 24 hours ago), reply to the order confirmation email ASAP so we may intercept your order.  If your order is already in the hands of the carrier, we must first confirm the item is on its way back to us before we can initiate the cancelation and refund.  Please read and review our Returns and Refund Policy for more information on how to cancel your order.

My Shipping Question Isn't Covered Here...

Contact us ASAP with your question or concern by replying to your order confirmation email, or by using any of the convenient methods (including live chat) listed on our Contact Us page.