About Culinary Solvent and Dietary Restrictions

Culinary Solvent contains zero additives and is available in both 200 proof and 190 proof and as USDA-certified organic. Due to the ingredients used and the distilling process, Culinary Solvent is able to accommodate some, but not all, dietary restrictions. Below are the most commonly inquired about dietary restrictions. 

Yes: Vegan

Yes, Culinary Solvent is vegan. Culinary Solvent is free of any and all animal products. 

Yes: Gluten-free

Yes, Culinary Solvent is gluten-free. The distillation process removes proteins, including gluten, from the ethanol. 

No: Kosher

No, Culinary Solvent is not currently kosher certified. Ethanol is considered a "kosher-sensitive" ingredient due to the fermentation process. Any brand or kind of ethanol's kosher status is heavily dependent upon thorough inspection of the production process by certified individuals. As our process has not currently been inspected for its kosher status, Culinary Solvent should not be considered kosher. 

Undetermined: Halal

There is wide debate as to whether ethanol, in general, is halal. Due to the conflicting perspectives on this topic, we recommend consulting with your local imam and/or religious leaders to determine if Culinary Solvent is halal. 

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