Fresh Mirage: Creating Your Everyday Ethyl Alcohol-Based Perfume

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Are you craving a scent that perfectly captures the fresh, crisp aroma of laundry day? Our Fresh Mirage perfume recipe is exactly what you need. This perfume recipe mirrors the clean scent of freshly laundered linens by creatively blending cotton, white musk, and a splash of lemon essential oils. This is the perfect go-to perfume for everyday wear.

The heart of this DIY perfume is a blend of naturally-derived essential oils. These are suspended in a mixture of 100% ethyl alcohol from and water, which makes for a healthier and more responsible alternative to commercial fragrances laden with synthetic chemicals.

Materials Needed:

  1. 100% ethyl alcohol from
  2. Distilled Water
  3. Cotton Essential Oil
  4. White Musk Essential Oil
  5. Lemon Essential Oil
  6. Glass dropper
  7. Perfume bottle

The Fresh Mirage Recipe:

  1. Cotton Essential Oil: The clean, fresh core of the perfume. Use 15 drops.
  2. White Musk Essential Oil: This oil introduces a soft, sensual scent to the mix. Use 10 drops.
  3. Lemon Essential Oil: To add a fresh, zesty note to the perfume. Use 5 drops.

For a 30ml perfume, these 30 drops (approximately 1.5ml) of aromatic compounds will make up about 5% of the total volume. The remaining volume (around 28.5ml) will be a blend of ethyl alcohol and water to carry the fresh scents effectively.

  1. 100% Ethyl Alcohol from Use 21ml.
  2. Distilled Water: Use 7.5ml.

Steps to Create Your Perfume:

  1. Use the glass dropper to add your essential oils to the perfume bottle.
  2. Next, pour in the ethyl alcohol, mixing it thoroughly with the oils.
  3. Add the distilled water to complete the blend.
  4. Gently shake your perfume bottle to ensure all the ingredients are well combined.
  5. Allow your perfume to rest for at least 48 hours. This resting period lets the fragrance develop into a well-rounded, harmonious scent.

Your Fresh Mirage perfume is now ready for you to enjoy. It embodies the light and breezy scent of fresh laundry, perfect for your daily wear. This easy and natural alternative to industrially produced perfumes aligns with values of health, wellness, and integrity. Adjust the measurements as per your preference and enjoy the art of creating your own unique scent!

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