Product Specifications:

  • 95% Ethyl Alcohol ("190 Proof" Food Grade Ethanol)
  • Contains 5% Water.
  • Contains zero additives, a nondenatured alcohol product.  Culinary Solvent is safe for human consumption and topical applications to the skin.
  • Distilled from naturally sustainable, 100% corn, recipe.
  • Leakproof bottle material: HDPE Recyclable and BPA free.
  • Federal Excise Tax is included in the price.  No surprises at checkout.
  • 190 Proof products are available in 5 gallon minimum size only.  If you require less than 5 gallons, learn how to dilute 200 proof into 190 proof by "Just adding water".

Also available in USDA Certified Organic [Non-GMO] Corn Recipe.