About Alcohol for Jewelers

Seeking denatured alcohol for mixing with boric acid? Look no further, Culinary Solvent 200 Proof Nondenatured Alcohol is the perfect product for you.

If you have ever soldered fine jewelry, you know the importance of an even layer of flux to prevent fire scale, oxidation, or other damage to your fine precious metal.  The best system of mixing boric acid with alcohol is a tried an trusted method practiced by jewelers everywhere, however recent bans on denatured alcohol in California have made it difficult for jewelers to source an effective solvent for use in soldering with boric acid.  Look no further, Culinary Solvent is the perfect alcohol for large or small scale jewelers  seeking to perform the own jewelry soldering and in need of a reliable safe solvent for mixing with boric acid. 

What is alcohol for jewelers?

Jeweler's alcohol is clean pure alcohol that will dissolve boric acid and dissipate cleanly when lit on fire.  The purpose of lighting the mixture on fire is to incentivize the quickest possible evaporation, thereby depositing the dissolved boric acid in a uniform layer across all intricate facets of the piece.  Jeweler's alcohols should always avoid water.

Why should jewelers use Culinary Solvent?

  • Excellent 1 for 1 substitution for denatured alcohol.
  • Ships direct from the distillery, no permit required for most states (View our map Can we ship to your state? Yes we ship to California.)
  • (Near) Infinite shelf life.  Kept sealed tight in the bottle it shipped in, ethanol does not "expire" and will not evaporate away, nor will it absorb moisture from the air just from normal use of opening to dispense and then tightly closing the cap.
  • Available in quarts, gallons.  Buy in bulk and save up to 70% on bulk discounts.  
  • No additives.  Pure nondenatured ethyl alcohol is an ideal jewelers alcohol. Safe for human consumption, but not permitted as a beverage product.
  • Now available in Certified Organic 200 Proof.  Certified by Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association.
  • Order online, Ships fast direct from the distillery in Northern Maine.

Where to buy Jeweler's Ethanol 

Buying Culinary Solvent for jewelry soldering is quick and convenient.  Visit our secure online store to view our products and to pay online.  Every state has different rules, see our Shipping Map here to view the states we serve. 

Can I substitute nondenatured ethanol for denatured alcohol?

Yes.  Read more: Can I Substitute nondenatured ethanol for denatured alcohol? 

Can I substitute nondenatured ethanol for denatured alcohol when soldering with boric acid?

Can you ship this to California?

Yes.  Ethanol is classified by the State of California as a "nonvolatile solvent", There is currently no permit required to ship to California.  Read more: How to buy food grade ethanol in California.