About "Alcohol For Cleaning" - A Complete Guide

More information about using pure food grade ethyl alcohol for sanitizing, disinfecting, degreasing, stain removal, ink and marker removal, and more posted soon.

Is Denatured Alcohol Safe?

Know what to look for, and why it's important to avoid these toxic additives in denatured alcohol.

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Versatility ++

One product does it all... Discovery everything food grade ethyl alcohol can do, and more.

Food Grade Alcohol 101

About Shipping Alcohol

See what states allow shipment of food grade alcohol.

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Culinary Solvent USDA Certified Organic Food Grade Alcohol

USDA Certified

Organic Alcohol Beginner's Guide

Learn more about choosing USDA Certified Organic alcohol for your next project.

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Culinary Solvent
Does It All...

Alcohol for cleaning? Alcohol for herbalists? Alcohol for chefs? What is the difference? Understand the similarities and differences between the products sold at CulinarySolvent.com.