USDA Certified

Pure Food Grade alcohol

USDA Certified

Pure food grade alcohol

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The product is great for making tincture. Highly recommend for cannabis extraction.

Mark M.

Richmond, VA


I love using this ethanol in my herbal projects because it’s organic and I can dilute it however I need for the product I’m making. It’s super convenient to simply order online and have it shipped to my door.

Kristen S.

Fort Worth, TX


Excellent service, excellent product. Best of all excellent results with the product. Could not ask for more. I will order again. Thank you.

Scott M.

Trenton, NJ


This is an excellent product, great packaging. I will be a return customer!

Carl W.

Agusta, ME


I use this alcohol to make herbal tinctures, in the past I’ve used different brands from different companies. This product in my opinion is far superior!

Fredericka C.

Seattle, WA

Naturally Nontoxic

Pure ethanol is 100% biodegradeable. No risk of spills causing polution to the environment when using on a boat or campsite.

Ships Fast.

Orders ship with 1 day processing time via FedEx or UPS. Weekend delivery available for most addresses.

Zero Additives

Just pure ethyl alcohol. All of the function of denatured alcohol without the toxic additives.


At this time we do not offer glass bottles due to the difficulties and added costs with shipping liquid in glass. Culinary Solvent is bottled in new HDPE bottles, jugs, and drums. Learn more about the superior compatability of HDPE and ethyl alcohol here.

Yes. Culinary Solvent is pure food grade ethanol, contains zero additives, safe for body and skin, and safe for consumption.  Perfect for tinctures, flavor extracts, perfumery, and more. Learn more about the similarities and differences between Culinary Solvent and Everclear(R) 200 Proof Alcohol.

Yes, someone over the age of 21 will be required to sign for the package at time of delivery. Customers may complete an adult signature release form to ship without signature requirement. Learn more about shipping and recieving orders from here.

Certified organic food grade ethanol is pure non-denatured ethanol derived from a raw material sourced from a certified organic grower.  Certified organic products must maintain a strict chain of custody accompanied by detailed documentation to ensure the final certified organic product has never been cross contaminated with a non-certified organic product. 

Certified food grade ethanol products, like Culinary Solvent, have undergone annual inspections by licensed organic inspectors who ensure the process at our distillery maintains the organic chain of custody throughout processing and handing.  The internal documentation, records, and SOPs for organic products are audited and approved before certification is renewed.

Culinary Solvent is certified organic by Please use the contact form to request a copy of our current MOFGA organic certificate.