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Culinary Solvent
200 Proof

Food Grade Alcohol

200 Proof Alcohol

100% ABV, 0% Water. 100% Awesome.

Zero Additives

Safe for skin and body.

Ships Fast

Direct to you.

200 Proof Non-Denatured Alcohol does it all...

Designed For Herbalists...

Learn about using food grade alcohol for tinctures, herbal extracts, botanical concentrates, tinctures, ointments, essences, and similar products.


Designed for Makers...

Substituting for denatured alcohols Learn about using of pure ethyl alcohol as a substitute for denatured alcohol.


Designed for Chefs...

Learn about unlocking advanced baking techniques, creating custom flavor extracts, organic natural food coloring, edible decorations, candies and coatings.


Designed for Perfumers...

Say "good bye" to toxic additives! Learn about perfume alcohol properties, and tips for choosing the right perfumers alcohol for your next fragrance project.



Yes. Culinary Solvent 200 proof ethanol is non denatured, contains zero additives, and is the best alcohol for making tinctures, hands down. Learn more about Alcohol for Herbalists and Tinctures here.

Yes. Culinary Solvent is ideal for making flavor extracts, including vanilla, coffee, black pepper, and more. Learn more about tips and techniques for using 200 proof alcohol for chefs and bakers here.

Yes. Culinary Solvent's undenatured pure alcohol is safe for skin, highly evaporative, miscible with fragrance oils, ...pretty much perfect for perfumers. Learn more about why 100% ethyl alcohol is the best alcohol for perfume making recipes and projects here.

Yes. You can substitute 200 proof ethanol 1-for-1 in any recipe or project that calls for denatured alcohol. Say "good bye" to toxic additives, learn more about denatured alcohol vs food grade ethanol here.

Yes. Both terms "undenatured" and "nondenatured" mean zero additives and are used interchangeably to represent pure alcohol products. Culinary Solvent 200 proof food grade alcohol contains zero additives and is considered a non denatured alcohol product.