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Welcome to Culinary Solvent, your dependable source for premium 200 proof alcohol. In an era where the quality and purity of products are more crucial than ever, our dedication to offering the highest standard of 200 proof alcohol truly sets us apart. Whether you're a professional in search of reliable 200 proof ethanol for your business operations or an individual committed to high-quality practices, our carefully selected range is tailored to fulfill a variety of needs. This page provides an extensive guide to understanding the advantages of choosing 200 proof alcohol, along with a thorough comparison of suppliers and their pricing.

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Scott, founder of Culinary Solvent 200 proof alcohol

What Is 200 Proof Alcohol?

200 proof alcohol, often referred to as food grade ethanol, represents the highest purity of ethanol available. In the world of alcohol, 'proof' is a measure of the spirit's alcohol content, and 200 proof equates to 100% ethanol with no water content. This level of purity makes 200 proof alcohol an essential ingredient in a variety of applications, particularly where food safety and quality are paramount. From culinary uses like flavor extraction and food preservation to pharmaceutical and laboratory applications, food grade ethanol's versatility is unmatched. Its absence of impurities and additives ensures that it meets stringent safety standards, making it the preferred choice for professionals seeking reliability and consistency in their work. 

Factors Affecting 200 Proof Alcohol Prices

Additives? Denatured Alcohol vs Non-Denatured Alcohol

In the realm of 200 proof alcohol, the presence or absence of additives plays a crucial role in pricing. Alcohols that are 'denatured'—commonly referred to as denatured alcohol or denatured ethanol—contain additional substances known as denaturants. Despite these extra ingredients, denatured alcohol is often more cost-effective compared to its non-denatured counterpart. This price difference is largely due to tax implications; denatured alcohol products are exempt from the Federal Excise Tax. On the other hand, 'non-denatured' or 'undenatured' alcohol products, which are free from these additives, are subject to the Federal Excise Tax, currently set at $27.00 per gallon for 200 proof alcohol. This tax significantly impacts the final cost to consumers and businesses opting for non-denatured varieties.

    Bottle & Packaging Materials

      The choice of bottle and packaging materials significantly influences the price of 200 proof alcohol. Suppliers provide this product in various materials, each offering unique advantages and disadvantages, including impacts on the overall cost.

      • Plastic - Plastic containers, particularly those made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), offer a cost-effective and safe storage solution for 200 proof alcohol, contributing to lower product prices. The durability and reliability of HDPE, identifiable by a "2" stamp, are the most common bottle material in the industry.
      • Glass - Glass bottles, known for their non-reactive properties and long-standing reliability in storage, carry an inherent appeal that often enhances the perceived value of products. However, their susceptibility to breakage leads to higher shipping and handling costs, impacting the overall price of the product.
      • Metal - Metal containers, available in large sizes such as 5 and 55 gallons, provide unmatched durability for long-term storage and transport, enhancing the product's perceived value due to their robustness. However, the higher manufacturing costs of these food-grade, non-reactive materials like stainless steel, or those with FDA-approved liners, can result in a higher final product cost compared to HDPE alternatives.

        Expert Advice for Choosing the Best Supplier for 200 Proof Alcohol

        When selecting a supplier for 200 proof alcohol, prioritize one that aligns with the quality standards and values essential to your project. Exercise caution against immediately opting for the lowest-priced option in your search results; it's crucial to distinguish between different types of alcohol, as the cheapest option might lead you to inadvertently purchase isopropyl or denatured alcohol. For projects requiring organic certification, choose suppliers who are certified organic processors or handlers. To verify their compliance and currency, request their latest organic certificate, ensuring it has been updated within the past year.

        Comprehensive Supplier Comparison

        Supplier Culinary Solvent Simple Solvents Organic Alcohol Lab Alley
        Supplier URL CulinarySolvent.com SimpleSolvents.com OrganicAlcohol.com LabAlley.com
        Store URL Shop Shop Shop Shop
        Supplier Core Competency Distillery Chemical Distributor Distillery Chemical Distributor
        Supplier Specialty 200 proof alcohol, non-denatured, distilled from corn Denatured alcohol, hydrocarbons 190 proof alcohol, non-denatured, distilled from organic raw materials Laboratory Chemicals
        Supplier Products Summary (product count) 200 proof alcohol (4), 190 proof alcohol (4) Isopropyl alcohol, SDA 40B 200 proof denatured ethanol, SDA 3C 200 proof denatured ethanol, CDA 12A completely denatured alcohol, hexane, heptane, pentane, 190 proof (95%) undenatured alcohol, 200 proof ethanol (100%) undenatured alcohol 190 proof alcohol (8), 200 proof alcohol (5) Isopropanol, peroxide, acids, non-alcohol solvents, completely denatured alcohol (CDA), specially denatured alcohol SDA, undenatured alcohol, 200 proof ethanol (100% ethyl alcohol), 95% ethanol (190 proof ethyl alcohol)
        Raw Materials Offered Corn, Organic Corn Unspecified Raw Materials Used Organic Cane, Organic Grape, Organic Corn, Organic Coconut, Organic Lychee, Organic Pear, Organic Citrus Corn, Cane, Unspecified
        Bottle & Packing Materials 100% HDPE HDPE, Metal Drum HDPE, Glass, LDPE Bags-in-Boxes HDPE, Metal Drum
        Total Product Count 8 9 35 1992
        Supplier Culinary Solvent  Simple Solvents Organic Alcohol Lab Alley
        Total 200 Proof Food Grade Alcohol Count 4 1 5 5

        Price per Pint

        Updated December 2023

        $32.50 Not available in amounts smaller than one gallon $34.99 (120 ml) $34.00

        Price Per Quart

        Updated December 2023

        $43.50 Not available in amounts smaller than one gallon $55.99 Not available in quarts

        Price per Gallon 

        Updated December 2023 

        $124.00 $75.00 $79.99 $79.00

        Price per Bulk Five-Gallon Jug

        Updated December 2023

        $320.00 $300.00 $269.99 $340.00

        Price per Bulk 55-Gallon Drum

        Updated December 2023

        $1925.00 $1750.00 $2767.99 $1990.00

          Understanding Our Comparison Criteria

          Price Analysis Methodology

          The prices posted in the 200 Proof Alcohol Supplier & Price Comparison table above are provided directly from the individual supplier's ecommerce website.  A link to each 200 proof alcohol supplier's store listing is provided for more detailed review and comparative analysis.  The information presented in the table comparing 200 proof alcohol supplier prices is presented as information only and may change after this page has been published.  No opinion is expressed whatsoever on the prices presented in this table compared to any other supplier, we're just sharing the facts.  

          Supplier Core Competency Assessment Parameters

          • If the listed supplier operates an actual DSP (Distilled Spirits Permit), they are listed in the above table as a "Distillery". 
          • If the supplier does not manufacture any products, but instead rebottles and or acts as distributor on behalf of some non-present distillery, they are listed as a "Chemical Distributor". 

          Supplier Specialty Assessment

          Determination of specialty was made by evaluating total product offering of each supplier.  Specialty assessment in the table above reports the most popular product by offering count, not factoring in different size variants as an additional offering.  For example, if Supplier A has a catalogue of 15 products comprising: 6 x hydrocarbon products, 1 x carbon dioxide product, 1 x dry ice product, and 1 x 200 proof ethanol product, the supplier would be listed as a "Hydrocarbon" specialist on the table above.  

          Product Count Assessments

          A count of products offered by each supplier is reported using either the site's search function, or by browsing the top-level navigation menus for each website.  "Total Product Count" value represents the total number of items for sale on the supplier's website, including 200 proof alcohol products.  "Total 200 Proof Food Grade Alcohol Count" value represents the total number of items offered for sale that is 200 proof (100% ABV) while also containing zero additives (non-denatured/undenatured).  The total product count and total available quantity of 200 proof alcohol products available for each supplier may have changed since the publication of this page, use the top level store URL for each 200 proof alcohol supplier in the table above to verify latest product availability. 

          Selection Criteria for Suppliers Featured in Price Comparison Matrix

          Our comparison matrix features the most popular 200 proof alcohol suppliers based on Google search results as of December 2023, ensuring a relevant and current selection. We recognize the dynamic nature of the market and invite your suggestions for any important suppliers we may have missed. Please reach out to us via our contact page or social media to suggest additional suppliers for our list.

          Considerations when Buying 200 Proof Alcohol Direct from the Distillery vs a Distributor

          When choosing to buy 200 proof alcohol, deciding between purchasing directly from the distillery or through a distributor involves several important considerations. Opting for a direct purchase from the distillery offers a unique assurance of quality – you're getting the product straight from the source, from those who have crafted it. This connection often means you have access to a knowledgeable individual who can provide assistance or answer any questions you might have, enhancing the overall customer experience. Furthermore, buying directly supports the creators of the product rather than middlemen, who may add extra costs without ever handling the product. This consideration raises questions about the pricing and value you receive; if a distributor sells the alcohol at a certain price, one might wonder how much they actually paid for it. While some might question if a significantly lower price could indicate a compromise in quality, ultimately, the decision of what price point is acceptable lies with you, the buyer. Choosing to buy directly from the distillery could mean supporting the craftsmanship and ensuring a higher level of confidence in your purchase.

          Practical Applications of Premium 200 Proof Alcohol

          Premium 200 proof alcohol is indispensable in a diverse range of applications, each tapping into its unique characteristics. In the cosmetics and beauty industry, it is a vital solvent and preservative, essential for blending ingredients in products like perfumes and lotions and acting as an antiseptic in mouthwashes and hand sanitizers. In the food sector, it enhances flavors and aromas as a solvent in extracts, extends shelf life as a preservative in baked goods, and is used in producing certain food colorings. Notably, in botanical extraction, including the processing of CBD, premium 200 proof alcohol is crucial for effectively extracting essential oils and compounds from plants, ensuring purity and potency. In the pharmaceutical industry, it dissolves active ingredients in medications, serves as a preservative, and disinfects medical equipment and surfaces. The high purity of 200 proof alcohol guarantees efficiency and adherence to stringent quality standards across these diverse applications.


          Ready to Buy 200 Proof Alcohol?

          Buying 200 proof organic alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com is quick, easy, and convenient.  Follow these steps to buy 200 proof organic alcohol online.

          1.  Acquaint yourself with your State's Rules and Regulations. - If you live in <go states list> then you are all and can proceed to step 2.  If your state wasn't listed, visit our map page to understand your requirements for buying 200 proof alcohol.
          2. Visit CulinarySolvent.com - Browse our selection of non-denatured 200 proof alcohol for sale.  All products are kept in stock and ship with 1 day processing time nationwide.
          3. Provide Payment and Shipping Information - Once you've chosen your 200 proof alcohol products, proceed to checkout using our online store powered by Shopify.  We'll provide tracking information once your order is packed, with automated updates during transit through to delivery confirmation.
          4. Prepare for Delivery - All orders ship requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.  Be sure that someone over the age of 21 is available to sign and accept the package upon arrival.  Due to the nature of the product being shipping, PO boxes and hold requests at local FedEx or UPS locations are not allowable destinations, all orders must ship to a physical address and be signed for at delivery.


          200 Proof Alcohol does it all...

          Designed For Herbalists...

          Learn about using pure non-denatured 200 proof alcohol for extraction, tinctures, botanical concentrates, salves, balms, ointments, essences, and more.


          Designed for Makers...

          Substitute 1-for-1 with denatured alcohol for identical results without the toxic additives. 100% ethyl alcohol is the best for clean evaporations, excellent miscibility, and low vocs.


          Designed for Chefs...

          Learn about using 200 proof alcohol to unlock advanced baking techniques, creating custom flavor extracts, organic natural food coloring, edible decorations, candies and coatings.


          Designed for Perfumers...

          Learn about 200 proof alcohol for perfume including important properties, and tips for choosing the right perfumers alcohol for your next fragrance project.


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          Yes. 200 proof alcohol can be used to make tinctures, including cannabis tincture.

          Yes. 200 proof alcohol that contains no additives is safe for skin, highly evaporative, miscible with fragrance oils, ...pretty much perfect for perfumers.

          Yes. You can substitute 200 proof alcohol 1-for-1 in any recipe or project that calls for denatured alcohol.

          Yes. Both terms "undenatured" and "nondenatured" mean zero additives and are used interchangeably to represent pure alcohol products. Culinary Solvent 200 proof food grade alcohol contains zero additives and is considered a non denatured alcohol product.

          200 Proof alcohol means 100% alcohol by volume. 190 Proof, means it is a 95% Alcohol solution where the other 5% is water. The alcohol in