Can I expedite shipping for next day delivery of Culinary Solvent?

Answer:  Due to the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation, ethanol like Culinary Solvent must ship via ground service only.  This limitation means that next day services offered by air plane are not available as an option when shipping ethanol.  However, ground service is faster than you might think.  All orders ship from the distillery in Brewer, Maine.  Depending on your location from the distillery, the transit time for your ethanol could be as quick as next day!  We have provided an approximate estimation of delivery time in business days from the distillery based on time zone.  Please reach out with additional questions for your specific situation.


Unless otherwise stated, all orders typically ship the day after they are placed. For example, orders placed Monday ship Tuesday, orders placed Friday ship Monday.

  • Eastern Time Zone Destination: 1-2 day transit time from pickup.
  • Central Time Zone Destination: 2-3 day transit time from pickup.
  • Mountain Time Zone Destination: 3-4 day transit time from pickup.
  • Pacific Time Zone Destination: 4-5 transit time from pickup.



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